No Shit: Disneyland Measles Outbreak Linked to Anti-Vaxxers

Disneyland has spent the last few months battling a measles outbreak, which scientists have now linked to—wait for it—low vaccination rates. Huh. It's almost as if diseases that we essentially eradicated will return if children aren't goddamn vaccinated. » 3/16/15 2:50pm 3/16/15 2:50pm

Real Question: Is Dawn Schafer Responsible for the Measles Outbreak?

Today is Dawn Schafer's birthday. The baby-sitters club member and health food fanatic turns 42 on February 5th, so let's celebrate her birthday by broaching a difficult subject that no one else has been brave enough to discuss: Is Dawn Schafer an anti-vaxxer or nah? » 2/05/15 10:06pm 2/05/15 10:06pm

The Daily Show Blames Liberal 'Mindful Stupidity' For Measles Outbreak

The Daily Show tackled the topic of measles last night (as was pretty much inevitable, sooner or later). Come for the dressing-down of Rand Paul, a.k.a. Dr. Paul: Anecdote Man; stay for the subtle cryo-Walt-Disney joke and CNN's hologram of measles engulfing an empty plane. » 2/04/15 9:30am 2/04/15 9:30am

Chris Christie Says Vaccinating Your Kids Should Be a Choice

In remarks that may be too much even for the political party that consistently denies the existence of climate change, Chris Christie says that it's important to strike a "balance" when it comes to vaccinations. Damn, I knew Republicans like to harken back to the 1950s, but bringing back measles as a rite of passage… » 2/02/15 9:50am 2/02/15 9:50am

Crazy Parents Still Refusing to Vaccinate Their Children 

The Disneyland measles outbreak has now spread to 14 states, with 98 confirmed cases. Health officials in Arizona have warned that 1,000 people could have been exposed and urged them to stay away from Super Bowl events. The White House suggested that everyone listen to scientists and vaccinate their children. And now,… » 1/31/15 11:25am 1/31/15 11:25am

Get Excited to Relive the Past, With America's Measles Outbreak! 

Oregon Trail fans, rejoice! Get pumped, reenactors! The past is back and it's badder than ever, in the form of a real-deal measles outbreak. The American West is your own, all-too-real colonial Williamsburg! » 1/29/15 7:10pm 1/29/15 7:10pm

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Spreads Across Country 

Disneyland: it used to be the happiest place on earth and now it's just a fetid wasteland of contagious disease. The number of measles cases from the Disneyland outbreak almost doubled this week. At least 85 cases are now confirmed in seven states, the latest in Nebraska. Health officials in Alaska are currently… » 1/25/15 3:00pm 1/25/15 3:00pm

CDC Statistics Show What Happens When You Don't Vaccinate

The latest figures: Between January 1 and August 29 of this year, nearly 600 confirmed measles cases were reported to the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. The resurgence is the greatest the U.S. has seen since the disease was eliminated from the country in 2000. » 9/06/14 12:20pm 9/06/14 12:20pm

Amish Are Getting Vaccinated After Measles Outbreak in Their Community

Although they typically object to immunization, members of an Ohio Amish community have been seeking measles shots in droves after an outbreak sickened at least 15 people. » 4/25/14 11:20am 4/25/14 11:20am

There's a Major Measles Outbreak in NYC, Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers

Back in 2000, measles was considered to be "eliminated" in the United States. But today—thanks largely to the efforts of anti-vaccination campaigns (for your health!)—the highly contagious disease is popping up all over the place. Oh, cool! Nothing like resurrecting a killer of children in the name of protecting… » 3/14/14 6:00pm 3/14/14 6:00pm

When It Comes to Vaccinations, Some Moms Would Rather Listen to Their…

Despite thorough debunkings of the purported links between vaccinations and autism, plenty of parents are still conflicted about whether or not to adhere to the CDC's guidelines. In the county where I live—King County, in Washington state—vaccination rates are below the national average, and, not-so-coincidentally,… » 4/15/13 6:30pm 4/15/13 6:30pm

We're All Gonna Die: The Infectious Pandemics of Summer 2012

Dude! What a shitty garbage year this has been. I mean, pretty much every year in the history of years has been a shitty garbage year — "happiness" is really just a euphemism for "successful garbage mitigation" — but 2012 has been particularly gross in a lot of ways. Half the country thinks rape is hilarious.… » 8/28/12 5:00pm 8/28/12 5:00pm

Getting Measles Trendy Among Babies Whose Asshole Parents Didn't…

Are you a baby? Did your parents make the jerky decision not to vaccinate you? Well, then are you in for some fevery, itchy, rashtastic fun! Measles is back! » 4/19/12 5:40pm 4/19/12 5:40pm

Study Linking Autism And Vaccines Was A Total Fraud

A landmark 1998 study purporting to show a link between vaccines and autism has now been exposed not just as "bad science," but as a fraud. » 1/06/11 9:45am 1/06/11 9:45am