You Might Be Happy But Your Life Is Still Meaningless

Turns out, even happiness isn't even a foolproof strategy for the good life. Sure, technically your life might be really good if you're happy, but it will still be shallow. That's because happy people these days are actually just selfish people who spend their time making sure all their needs are met but are not… » 1/11/13 5:30pm 1/11/13 5:30pm

Being Bored Will Make You A Better Person

A rather counter-intuitive study has found that boredom could actually make people better themselves, by encouraging them to perform meaningful activities like giving blood. » 5/06/11 5:55pm 5/06/11 5:55pm

The Difference Between Bullying And Violence

Did an epidemic of "mean girls" cause high-schooler Phoebe Prince's suicide? Write Mike Males and Meda-Chesney Lind, "this panic is a hoax." But we're not sure they understand what "mean" means. » 4/02/10 3:40pm 4/02/10 3:40pm