London Fashion Week: The Future of Menswear Is Feminine

Even if you consider yourself open-minded, some of the pieces from the Autumn/Winter mens' fashion week 2014 collections in London may give you pause. » 1/07/14 5:55pm 1/07/14 5:55pm

McQueen: A Breathtaking Elizabethan Dream for Royals Only

Holy crap, guys: The new McQueen collection — shown in Paris today — is jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. Sarah Burton's designs stay true to fantastical visions dreamed up by Lee Alexander McQueen himself, and catapult us into an era of majesty and imperialism. Vogue's Jessica Bumpus calls the vibe "High Church meets… » 3/05/13 6:20pm 3/05/13 6:20pm

Will the Royal Wedding Feature Lobster Claw Shoes?

Yet another rumor has it that Kate Middleton, Future Princes Shinyhair and serenader of forest creatures and wearer of crowns, has chosen a designer for the dress she'll wear when she weds Prince Toothsome Grin in a little over a month— the house of the late designer Alexander McQueen. Creative director Sarah Burton… » 3/06/11 5:49pm 3/06/11 5:49pm

Oscar de la Renta Has Opinions On How Michelle Obama Should Dress

The designer argued that Mrs. O's choice to wear McQueen was a faux pas, that she should wear something designed by an American instead. Talking about the First Lady like she's your personal paper doll: fashionable. » 1/23/11 4:55pm 1/23/11 4:55pm

Elle MacPherson Proudly, Stupidly Eats Rhino Horn

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