How the Hell Is Bob Filner Still the Mayor of San Diego?

Women and men across San Diego are now petitioning to recall mayor Bob Filner — you know, the one who is accused of sexual harassment by 16 different women and who EVEN HOOTERS REFUSES TO SERVE. Yes, that is correct: Citizens are taking to the streets to basically beg for Filner's removal from office — the man who… »8/19/13 10:25am8/19/13 10:25am


San Diego Mayor Allegedly Told Staffer to ‘Not Wear Panties to Work'

Last night, four women appeared on San Diego's KPBS-TV to break their silence over alleged sexual harassment from Mayor Bob Filner. Allegations first surfaced in mid-July, but the mayor has since refused to resign. Two hours after the show, Democratic party leaders voted in favor of asking the mayor to quit. »7/26/13 9:30am7/26/13 9:30am