Creepy Mayor Bob Filner Is Forced to Get the Fuck Out of Office

On Wednesday, San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith announced that the city had reached a potential deal with Mayor Bob Filner concerning the sexual harassment lawsuit recently filed by Filner's former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson. Today that deal has been leaked and it involves Bob Filner finally,… »8/22/13 12:26pm8/22/13 12:26pm


Christine Quinn Might Soon Become New York’s First Openly Gay, Lady Mayor

Christine Quinn, New York's recently married City Council Speaker, has announced this morning that she's running for mayor. If elected, Quinn would become the city's first female AND openly gay mayor, and would prove that Michael Bloomberg isn't the Augustan tyrant we've all secretly suspected him to be. »3/10/13 3:00pm3/10/13 3:00pm

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel On Abortion, Ganj and Condoms in Porn

Wendy Greuel, currently Los Angeles' city controller and a former Dreamworks exec (of course), is up for mayoral office this year. Should she win against Councilman Eric Garcetti, she would be L.A.'s first female mayor. She's been roundly criticized by Garcetti's camp for accepting large amounts of super PAC funding,… »1/26/13 1:00pm1/26/13 1:00pm

Your Morning Swoon: Mayor Cory Booker Races Into Burning Building to Save Woman's Life

Let it be known that hero du jour Ryan Gosling is officially on notice. He's just been upstaged in the superhero department in a major way: Last night, Newark's awesome Mayor Cory Booker ran into a burning house and saved the life of a woman trapped inside! MEGASWOON. But wait until you hear the details. It's like… »4/13/12 9:30am4/13/12 9:30am

"Cookie Monster" Mayor Targets Girl Scouts • Nurse Gives Wrong Woman Abortion

Ellen Taylor, the mayor of Claremont, was dubbed "The Cookie Monster" when she shut down Girl Scouts selling cookies on a street corner (she said it was hurting her business) and then creating a new law that requires a permit for non-profit sellers. • An elderly woman was saved from a violent kangaroo attack in… »7/21/08 4:30pm7/21/08 4:30pm