Watch Maya Rudolph Sashay As Beyoncé On SNL 40 With Martin Short

On Sunday night during the three and a half hour tyranny that was SNL 40, the anniversary show, Maya Rudolph returned as Beyoncé with Martin Short being ... Martin Short. It was one of the few moments during the bloated baby boomer party that actually made me laugh. » 2/16/15 1:30pm 2/16/15 1:30pm

Maya Rudolph is joining Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in a new film called The Nest. The film follows two adults sisters as they plan one last party at their childhood home before their parents sell it, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The project began shooting this month and is slated for a December 18, 2015 release.… » 6/16/14 11:15am 6/16/14 11:15am

The Maya Rudolph Show Almost Brings the Funny, But Not Quite

Let me begin by saying, I adore Maya Rudolph. I watched Up All Night for her, I tuned in for Away We Go, Friends With Kids and The Way Way Back. I live for her “asshole” speech in Bridesmaids and just thinking about her impression of Beyoncé whispering with Prince on SNL makes me smile. She is one of my favorite… » 5/20/14 2:20pm 5/20/14 2:20pm

It's Official: Maya Rudolph's Variety Show Has an Airdate!

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh, ooh ooh ooh, Maya Rudolph's variety show is happening—let me be on it! Let me be on it!! Pick me! I have 13 years of girlchoir experience, I kind of remember the choreography to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," and I can sing every word of Tom Lehrer's The Elements WHILE DRUNK. (Especially while drunk.)… » 4/15/14 8:00pm 4/15/14 8:00pm

Top 10 Women Who Could Replace David Letterman

Big news on the late night front: David Letterman is retiring in 2015. Big news! That means a coveted and rare spot is opening up in the dude party that is late night TV. Could it be that the time has finally come to let a woman sit behind a desk and ask guests questions about movies they're promoting on shows that… » 4/03/14 6:00pm 4/03/14 6:00pm

Maya Rudolph Is Getting Her Own Variety Series

NBC is giving Maya Rudolph a variety series because they've been studying the Jezebel hive mind and they've created our ideal TV experience. » 11/14/13 10:20am 11/14/13 10:20am

Saturday Night Social: I'd Like To Order 50 Pizzas. It's For a Prank.

Today is Maya Rudolph's birthday! Here in her honor is one of my favorite SNL sketches of all time in case you missed it: "I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs." Now, when is she gonna appear in one of her husband's fantastic ensemble movies? I've been WAITING. » 7/27/13 6:30pm 7/27/13 6:30pm

The Lonely Island Raps About Semicolons; Incorrectly

As hilariously incorrect as this Lonely Island semicolon rap is, we really must advise against using semicolons at all. They’re super unnecessary; just ask Kurt Vonnegut: » 5/22/13 9:10pm 5/22/13 9:10pm

Somebody Give Maya Rudolph a Variety Show Already

As Up All Night, much like the Titanic, sinks slowly to the bottom of the ocean, the show's stars are jumping ship left and right. Fair enough! No one wants to be the guy who dies hitting the propeller or the two old people who go out clutching at each other in a twin sized bed. No, they want to go on and pose for… » 2/25/13 6:45pm 2/25/13 6:45pm

Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler Ruin Joel McHale's Photo

And by ruin, we mean make it 10 billion times better. Also, McHale's actually the photo ruiner. Basically, the opposite of the headline is true. » 2/20/13 11:30pm 2/20/13 11:30pm

Maya Rudolph’s Pregnancy Is Completely Ruining Up All Night’s Chances…

NBC has been trying to patch together its leaky newspaper boat of a television network any way it can, even if that means, say, pushing forward with the subverted gender role parenting sitcom Up All Night without star Christina Applegate. After all, Will Arnett's still game, and the five people who watched Arrested… » 2/17/13 11:15am 2/17/13 11:15am

Maya Rudolph's Version of 'Home' Will Make You Feel Safe and Warm Inside

Two years ago, talented actress and consummate Whitney Houston impersonator Maya Rudolph appeared on alongside comedian Paul F. Tompkins on the The Paul F. Tompkins Show 9th Anniversary Special. As one would expect from the daughter of Minnie Riperton, Rudolph is quite the capable singer, making her surprise duet… » 2/12/13 6:50pm 2/12/13 6:50pm

Royal Couple William and Kate Are Mavericks, Change Christmas Forever

Man, my Windsor-swoony eighth-grade self would be thrilled that Prince William is kind of turning out to be an awesome husband. Rather than spending Christmas in the Palace as per royal custom, Wills and K8 Middleton are breaking with royal tradition and spending Christmas at her family's house in the… » 12/23/12 11:30am 12/23/12 11:30am

Vanity Fair's Comedy Issue Covers Have Equal Numbers of Men and Women

The January edition of Vanity Fair is the "first ever comedy issue," guest-edited by Judd Apatow. There are three different covers, featuring groups of comedians. Unlike the April 2009 issue of VF — "Comedy's New Legends" — there are actual women on these covers. In fact, the editors chose six men and six women to… » 12/04/12 11:00am 12/04/12 11:00am

And Now For An Unsolicited Uterus Update on Blake Lively

This morning serves us up some Gossip Girl meta-theater. Rumors on the set of GG are that Blake Lively is "glowing," which is Hollywoodese for "Lookit, there might be a baby in that person." A source from the show adds, "Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating… » 9/20/12 9:00am 9/20/12 9:00am

Christina Applegate Never Passes Up a Chance to Fondle Maya Rudolph

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MAY 08: Actors Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate, arrive at The Paley Center For Media presents an evening with 'Up All Night' at The Paley Center for Media on May 8, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) » 5/09/12 10:30pm 5/09/12 10:30pm