After Just Over a Year, Kate Lanphear Leaves 'Relaunched' Lad Rag Maxim

Kate Lanphear, the venerated fashion editor-turned-EIC of a kinder, gentler Maxim, is leaving the magazine after a little more than a year, reports The Cut. In her tenure there, she tipped the editorial direction towards a more equal playing field, removing the magazine’s lurid depiction of women and replacing them… »10/22/15 6:25pm10/22/15 6:25pm

My Neck, My Gash: Men Don't Know What to Call Your Vagina. Let's Help.

There comes a time between a person and another person with a vagina when that vagina is going to need to be addressed. Out loud. Not in the clinical sense, but in the romantic or sexual sense. It seems some guys aren't sure how to proceed, at least according to one of their spokesmagazines. So let's help them out. »12/09/14 4:10pm12/09/14 4:10pm

Brad Pitt Teases Us with Talk of the Dream Wedding That May Never Happen

Ever since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got engaged, rumors about possible wedding dates have been flying fast and furious. We've been keeping our fingers crossed that they'd hit the altar ASAP, but today during an interview in Cannes, Brad delivered some very disappointing news: they haven't even set a date, and it… »5/22/12 8:00pm5/22/12 8:00pm

Plenty Of Tits & Assholes At The Maxim Hot 100 Party

We're not the typical demo for the Maxim Hot 100 list, because if we had penises we'd be men enough to buy a magazine with actual nudity to jerk off to. But since there must be clothing, and we must be ladies, we must judge what everyone is wearing. What lies ahead is not good, and we're not going to pretend it is. »5/12/11 10:50am5/12/11 10:50am

A Visual Explanation Of Female Self-Loathing

In their admittedly unscientific study, Nina Orezzoli and Mark Robinson compared the ads in the March issues of Maxim, Cosmo and Essence that featured women's breasts, butts, and legs, as well as the amount of times that "T&A were used to sell T&A," like porn or phone sex ads. Essence featured 5% gratuitous body parts… »3/11/11 6:10pm3/11/11 6:10pm