Social Anxiety: A Tried-and-True Strategy for Selling Pads Since 1950

As we've covered before, Kotex were launched onto the American market in the early 20s with callbacks to World War I. A few decades later, they were taking a more conventional approach: needling at your social anxieties. Girls in the know get Kotex; girls without a fucking clue about how to act use some other brand! »3/23/15 7:45pm3/23/15 7:45pm


This Guy Is Literally Trying to Become a Maxi Pad

A man from Panama City, FL has been documenting his journey in achieving his dream of becoming a sanitary napkin. The first step was to legally change his first name to "Pad." Next up is his search for a menstruating woman who will allow him to serve as an overnight pad, "preferably Kotex because of their association… »4/09/13 7:15pm4/09/13 7:15pm

Maxipad Company Replies to Man's Facebook Rant With Awe-Inspiring Sarcasm

Last week, a guy named Richard Neill posted a long, funny comment on UK maxipad maker Bodyform's Facebook page about how the company had lied to him through their advertising campaigns over the years, leading him to believe that periods involved a lot of blue liquid, extreme sports, and fun music. It received nearly… »10/16/12 4:15pm10/16/12 4:15pm

The Importance Of Being Able To Change Your Period Products In "Public"

Sharing experiences of certain bodily functions are milestones in intimacy with significant others, like pooping while they're in the house »8/28/08 6:00pm8/28/08 6:00pm, vomiting on them when you're sick, or farting in from of them. Once you can do that shit (literally), you know that you're comfortable in your relationship. But there's one final…