Hervé Leger Intends To Shrink-Wrap You, As Always

I was not invited to Hervé Leger by Max Azria — I was not invited to any of Max Azria's three Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week shows, which take place at Lincoln Center's largest fashion week venue twice annually, perhaps because last season when I was invited, I asked Max Azria why it is that he books almost… » 2/16/11 3:35pm 2/16/11 3:35pm

Max Azria Gets Earthy, Hobbit-y

Menswear met romance met The Hobbit in Max Azria's utilitarian, earth-hued collection. Picture what Ripley might wear if she lived in 2011. And, you know, on Earth. » 2/14/11 5:20pm 2/14/11 5:20pm

The tailored suiting and separates showed off the collection's focus on contrasts: hard and soft, businesslike and romantic, tough and ladylike. Human…

What Vogue Actually Pays Its Models

It's not much! Filings made in association with a $3.75 million lawsuit include the earnings statement of one of the plaintiffs, the Polish supermodel Anna Jagodzinska. That ledger tallies gigs for American Vogue, Vogue Paris, and an H&M campaign. » 11/30/10 2:28pm 11/30/10 2:28pm

Naomi Campbell Allegedly Set To Marry In An Ancient Egyptian Temple

Fashion Week Diversity By The Numbers

In September of 2007, it was reported that of all the 101 shows that took place during New York fashion week, one third employed zero models of color. Since then, we've tried to track diversity on the runway every season. » 9/24/10 2:47pm 9/24/10 2:47pm

Fashion Week: The Best Of Backstage

This fashion week, we sent photographer Nilina Mason-Campbell to document the goings-on behind-the-scenes. Herewith, models reading, designers preening, dressers dressing, and, um, Alan Cumming. » 9/17/10 6:23pm 9/17/10 6:23pm

Fashion Week's Former Head Honcho Is Not Happy

Possible reasons Fern Mallis looked so dang heartbroken at the Hervé Leger show: 1. The lights were hurting her eyes. 2. Max Azria strangled her puppy with a yard of industrial-strength elastic. 3. She was looking for black models. » 9/17/10 1:07pm 9/17/10 1:07pm

Delusional Max Azria Believes He's The King Of Diversity In Fashion

Max Azria's shows tend to have a few defining features: a flirty aesthetic, a neutral palette of fabrics, and — for the past umpteen seasons — an almost all-white cast of models. Yesterday, I asked him why that is. » 9/15/10 3:20pm 9/15/10 3:20pm

Keira Knightley Channels Chanel, Uses Training Wheels

Lindsay Banned From Borrowing Clothes; Marc's Ex Writing Tell-All

Chloë Wants To Dress High School; Alexa Chung New Face Of Lacoste

Ladymag Nixes Kim Cattrall Cover; Donatella Loves Naomi

Post Critic Sees 85%-White Fashion Week As Example Of Progress

"The fashion industry sent a commendably eclectic array of models down the New York runways this month. The women were more diverse in ethnicity, age and size," writes Robin Givhan. She must have watched a different season than we did. » 3/01/10 3:30pm 3/01/10 3:30pm

Fewer Models Of Color Work New York's Fashion Runways

After tracking diversity on the runways for several seasons, we took off last September because we thought the fashion industry was finally coming to its senses. Models of color were getting booked! How disappointing, then, to tally this season's numbers. » 2/22/10 11:00am 2/22/10 11:00am

Lindsay Lohan, Christian Lacroix, And Every Celebrity Clothing Line…

Be thankful if you still have a job: After the hell year that was 2009, a lot of fashion people don't. Many designers were fired, some were hired, and plenty lost their businesses altogether. An overview of the tumult: » 12/23/09 4:30pm 12/23/09 4:30pm

Miley & Max For Wal-Mart Is Cheap; Lady Gaga Planning A Clothing Line

Kardashians Kall The Shots; Megan Fox Said To Rake In $2 Mill From…

BCBG: For The Sea Goddess In You

BCBG's Max Azria hails from the coastal country of Tunisia, and there was a Mediterranean, oceany-vibe in his Spring 2010 collection, shown today at NYC's Bryant Park. Green, blue and foamy white fabrics drip from models in a gallery, ahead. » 9/10/09 2:00pm 9/10/09 2:00pm

Heidi Klum Is Out. (Of Her Clothes. On Your Coffee Table.)