Sally Jessy Raphael: 'It's Easy To Do Bad TV...And I Wasn't Up For It'

Former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael was recently approached by Vulture’s Josef Adalian to discuss her friendship with late talk show host Morton Downey Jr., who’s the subject of a documentary premiering on CNN this week. The juiciest bits, however, are about Raphael’s own career in the industry. »8/20/15 1:45pm8/20/15 1:45pm


National Enquirer: Bill Clinton Probably Isn't Chelsea’s Biological Dad

Chelsea Clinton has recently “undergone a DNA test” and it’s proven that she might not be Bill Clinton’s biological daughter. Before you start screaming after realizing you care more about the paternity of Chelsea Clinton more than you ever thought possible, please keep in mind that this story was broken by The… »7/09/15 9:50am7/09/15 9:50am

Maury Povich Reveals the Most Shocking Thing to Ever Happen on Maury 

Finally, the AMA that we have always dreamed of has arrived. Maury Povich, paternity test prophet and harbinger of lie detector tests, recently answered questions for viewers at Reddit. One fan asked the 76-year-old talk show host what was the most memorable thing to have occurred on his long-running program and it… »4/17/15 9:51am4/17/15 9:51am

Connie Chung Did a Shot and Brought Pot to Watch What Happens

So apparently, legendary news anchor Connie Chung can party. She and her husband Maury Povich appeared together on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night where Connie got loose. She drank at least three glasses of wine (according to Maury), did a shot of whisky and then gave host Andy Cohen a strain of medical… »5/09/14 11:40am5/09/14 11:40am