Man Wakes Up from Coma Convinced That He's Matthew McConaughey

After six days in a coma, a 25-year-old from Birmingham, England woke up speaking fluent French and thinking that he was Matthew McConaughey. You know what I like about horrific traffic accidents, man? You almost stop getting older (because you could die) and you wake up as a famous American actor during peak… »12/22/14 7:15pm12/22/14 7:15pm

Terrible News: Matthew 'Dallas' McConaughey Won't Be in Magic Mike XXL

Sorry ladies, but the ass-less chaps worn by Matthew McConaughey must go to another nearly nude actor — “Alright Alright Alright” dropped out of Magic Mike XXL. Don’t worry though, I’m sure the producers will find another succulent man to tickle our fancies since the storyline and the acting certainly won’t. »9/18/14 11:30am9/18/14 11:30am

Drake and Rihanna Hung Out Twice, 'Proof' that They Are Humping Again

It is written: If two people who formerly humped hang out twice in one week, they are 100% definitely humping once again. (I mean, that actually usually is true, but also this is silly.) Such is the case with Rihanna and Drake, who sat near each other at a club the other night and then at Drake's concert the following… »8/20/14 8:00pm8/20/14 8:00pm

Ryan Gosling Might Stop Making Movies Now that He's Making Babies

Someone dug up a quote from Ryan Gosling from 2011 in which he stated that he's only making movies until he starts "making babies." So, now that Eva Mendes is pretty much probably mostly almost totally confirmed to be preggo, does that mean the Goz's film career is winding down? (I mean, no. Almost certainly not.… »7/10/14 8:00pm7/10/14 8:00pm

Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Story Behind 'Alright Alright Alright'

Matthew McConaughey can't stop, won't stop saying "alright alright alright," a line he originally improvised in Dazed and Confused but has since adopted as his own personal catchphrase. But where'd it come from? Turns out he was inspired by Jim Morrison's chatter on a Doors live album. Too, too perfect. »3/12/14 11:00am3/12/14 11:00am