Alleged Rapist of Daisy Coleman Gets 2 Years Probation

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced Thursday that Matthew Barnett would not be charged with the rape of teen Daisy Coleman, almost exactly two years to the day Coleman was reportedly left alone and intoxicated on her front steps by Barnett. Barnett was, however, charged with endangering the welfare… » 1/09/14 4:30pm 1/09/14 4:30pm

After Steubenvillesque Outcry, Maryville Rape Case Will Be Reopened

Thus far, many of the major issues in the Maryville, MO rape case have been attributed by the Coleman family as the fault of Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice. Well on Wednesday, Kansas City local news station KCTV reported that Rice had asked the judge to promote a special prosecutor to the case because "the… » 10/17/13 10:25am 10/17/13 10:25am