Natalie Morales Is Definitely Not Moving to LA Because of an Affair With Matt Lauer Gone Wrong

Forget all the rumors you’ve heard about Natalie Morales packing up her New Jersey home and leaving NBC’s Today for a job at Access Hollywood on the other side of the country because she and Matt Lauer had an affair that went south, ultimately leading to Lauer not wanting to work with her anymore. Yes ma’am, throw…


Melania Trump's Goofball Husband Is Driving Her Up the Wall With Those Re-Tweets

Prior to a town hall in which Trump offered surprising views on North Carolina’s bathroom law, Today’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie provided the Trump family with a lovely nest of positive reinforcement and lightly personal questions that Lauer himself described as “potpourri.” Melania Trump in particular was given…

Polite Hypocrite Angry that Rude Hypocrite Might Become His Party's Nominee 

Mitt Romney has been on an anti-Trump tear this week—on Thursday, Romney and John McCain denounced Trump in terms that were unprecedented for previous party nominees, calling Trump a “fraud” who is “playing the American public for suckers”; Romney has also called for the release of Trump’s tax audits, which is very…

Poll: Whose Fault Is It that Ben Carson is Pulling Ahead of Donald Trump in the Polls? 

Neurosurgeon and man who’s so soft-spoken you almost don’t notice everything he says is bonkers Ben Carson is tip-toeing ahead of Donald Trump in at least one national poll. It’s the first time this election cycle anyone other than Trump has been in the lead on the Republican side. Who’s to blame for this?