Just Another Friendly Reminder That Dating Is Over and You Will Never Find Love

Happy Monday! Did you read the country's leading publications over the weekend, or were you too busy sobbing into your eggs benedict about how Billy the bartender never responded to your texts, which meant you couldn't trap him in your Marriage Cage as planned? If the latter, let's get you up to speed: courtship is… »1/14/13 2:30pm1/14/13 2:30pm

Soren Dayton: One Of Those Guys Who Has To Get Professionally Humiliated Before He Proposes To You?

That McCain aide who just got fired for circulating that nasty video on his Twitter feed just won't stop using the internet! Or going about his life. Last night, he celebrated spoiling his bright future defending war with countries starting in "Ira" by... getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend. And to top it all… »3/21/08 1:20pm3/21/08 1:20pm