Kim Kardashian Has No Idea What to Wear in That Awkward Stage of Early Pregnancy

Look, we get it. We know. It fucking sucks getting dressed in the beginning of your second trimester. Because you don't look pregnant yet—you just look thick in the middle. You've outgrown some of your regular wardrobe, but you're not big enough for maternity clothes (most of which aren't cute anyway). It makes… »2/26/13 5:40pm2/26/13 5:40pm

An Inventory Of Ridiculous "I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregnant" Products

We were thinking that the maternity T-shirts that desperately attempted to validate one's gut were kind of pathetic. Until we found the other products with the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" sentiment emblazoned upon them—like thongs. Thongs! Seriously, how often are pregnant women in a situation where someone is… »2/18/11 11:06am2/18/11 11:06am