Miley Cyrus Writhes About and Kinda Masturbates in New Music Video

Like a dribbly gift down your chimney, Miley Cyrus' "Adore You" video leaked last night. It mainly consists of Miley Cyrus sensually caught in some sheets, clad in see-through underwear garb. Thrice, maybe four times, her hands migrate to the top of her underwear with the clear intention of masturbating while she… » 12/26/13 11:10am 12/26/13 11:10am

Watch a 'Big Brother' Contestant Try to Masturbate on the Sly

It's really hard to get away with anything on Big Brother thanks to the "live feeds" component of the show, which gives subscribers 24/7 access to the cameras in the habitat. Still, people are human, and to go 100 days without masturbating, it must be really, really hard (that's what she said). » 8/09/13 6:30pm 8/09/13 6:30pm

Aubrey Plaza on Masturbating on Camera for The To Do List

In The To Do List, Aubrey Plaza is tasked with flicking her bean on screen (sorry), and girl goes downtown to self-pleasure town. Also, she is apparently actually masturbating. Which: Awesome. You masturbate all the way to the bank, Aubrey Plaza! » 7/23/13 11:30pm 7/23/13 11:30pm

Texas Rep Says Abortion Is Evil Because Fetuses Masturbate in the Womb

Republican Congressman Michael Burgess thinks we should ban abortion after 20 weeks because precocious male fetuses are already expertly jacking off by 15 weeks and are thus capable of feeling both "pleasure" and pain. » 6/18/13 10:23am 6/18/13 10:23am

United Airlines Allegedly Cool With Passengers Who Jack Off in Flight

A teenage girl claims a passenger spent "long periods" of a six-hour fight "masturbating and exposing his penis" without being stopped by flight staff — who knew exactly what was up but declined to move her to another seat or, like, tell him to put his junk back in his pants before takeoff and landing. » 5/31/13 1:30pm 5/31/13 1:30pm