MasterChef Contestant Tweets Some Super Racist Garbage

Krissi Biasiello, a 34-year-old paralegal based out of Philadelphia and finalist on Fox's MasterChef, tweeted “[W]hy do the [Philadelphia] 76ers keep coming up in my who to follow. i HATE basketball. NBA = Niggers Bouncing Around. #thatsracist" Uh, at least she got the hashtag right? » 7/01/13 9:30pm 7/01/13 9:30pm

MasterChef Might Have a Sexual Harassment Problem [UPDATED]

Here's your daily reminder that everything in the world has an evil, dark underbelly: MasterChef, an extremely popular reality show about people making delicious food and Gordon Ramsey eating it and then yelling, is allegedly a very hostile environment for female contestants. According to Marie Porter, an ex-contestant … » 6/21/13 5:00pm 6/21/13 5:00pm