Horses & Bayonets & World Peace: The Final Debate's Most Pageant-y Moments

Like an incredibly high stakes Miss America competition, the last Presidential debate of the 2012 election season has come and gone. And because both candidates are fighting to the death over the tiny sliver of undecided voters (really, what amounts to twelve people who own Puddle of Mudd CD's scratching their butts… »10/23/12 11:20am10/23/12 11:20am

Conservatives Have Category 5 Freak Out Over Debate, Call Candy Crowley a 'Journalistic Terrorist'

Nearly every audience reaction poll that didn't oversample enraged, pugnacious Romneys has declared Barack Obama the winner of Tuesday's debate. And so, naturally, pundits affiliated with the GOP — that party of restraint and prudence — have responded by freaking the fuck out and comparing Candy Crowley's performance… »10/18/12 10:50am10/18/12 10:50am

Tagg Romney Says He Wanted to Punch Obama During Tuesday's Debate

I didn't think it was possible to out-creep Josh Romney after his intense robot scare stare, but Tagg really takes it to the next level in an interview with a North Carolina radio station earlier today. When asked how it felt to "to hear the president of the United States call your dad a liar," he responded with … »10/17/12 11:35pm10/17/12 11:35pm

A Lady's Guide to Relaxing During Tonight's Presidential Debate

It seems like only yesterday we were eagerly anticipating getting properly smashed during the first Presidential debate. And it seems like only today that we were still freaked out by the fact that now it seems that after a single night of pretending to be manic 1994 Mitt Romney rather than awkward 2012 Mitt Romney,… »10/16/12 7:00pm10/16/12 7:00pm

Both Campaigns Want Tonight's Female Presidential Debate Moderator to Shut the Hell Up

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz reassured the public on Monday that she was pretty sure that during the Presidential debate on Tuesday, the candidates wouldn't forget to talk about women like they did last time. I mean, it's a town hall debate format, so audience members get to ask the questions. Surely one… »10/16/12 11:40am10/16/12 11:40am

10 Reasons You Should Have Watched the Vice Presidential Debate Last Night

Pundits are calling it "lively," but what last night's Vice Presidential debate really was — was hilarious. It had everything a political hatewatcher could want from a televised argument between two dudes — Joe Biden's incurable case of the giggleshouts, moderator Martha Raddatz's oh no she DIDN'T scimitar questions,… »10/12/12 11:30am10/12/12 11:30am

Get Totally Ripped With Our Vice-Presidential Debate Workout Game For Ladies!

If you attempted to play our Presidential Debate Drinking Game for Ladies last week, you ended the 90-minute ordeal both sober and bewildered. Which is probably for the best — alcohol is bad for you and interferes with your ability to run sub-3 hour marathons or curl 25 pound dumbbells while wearing a jauntily… »10/11/12 6:15pm10/11/12 6:15pm

Mitt Romney's Cokeface, and Other Interesting Moments From Last Night's Boring Ass Debate

Last night, President Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in Denver, in what will likely go down in history as some of the most boring 90 minutes in the history of American television. It was scoreless high school soccer game boring. It was oil change repair shop vintage issue of Reader's Digest with country sensation… »10/04/12 11:30am10/04/12 11:30am

Supercut: Jim Lehrer's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Debate

The thing about being a debate moderator is that you are expected to moderate. Alas, Jim Lehrer (who, being from PBS, would likely be euthanized if Mitt Romney has his way) was not up to task. He was unable to control the candidates or the discussion; things were particularly bad when it came to Mittens, who all too… »10/04/12 9:30am10/04/12 9:30am

Resolved: High School Debates Aren't What You Think They Are

I caught the HBO documentary Resolved the other night and was totally fascinated. It's about the highly competitive world of high school debating, which is a totally different thing than I assumed it was. My idea of high school debate teams was more along the lines of something out of Rushmore, but they're actually… »7/03/08 6:00pm7/03/08 6:00pm