Tig Notaro's Breasts Were Unsatisfied, So They Tried to Kill Her

Tig Notaro is one of the driest comedians out there. She's also one of the bravest, able to make fun of everything life's thrown at her. For Notaro, that means cracking jokes about surviving breast cancer and enduring a double mastectomy, all right after her mother died and her girlfriend told her to kick rocks. But… » 4/01/14 5:50pm 4/01/14 5:50pm

Double Mastectomies Are Life-Saving, Mammograms Aren't

There's a lot of boob news today: two different studies have been published in regard to breast cancer that could directly impact its diagnosis and treatment. In one, researchers found that women with the BRCA mutation have a much higher chance of survival with a double mastectomy. In another, it was found that death… » 2/12/14 11:40am 2/12/14 11:40am

Double Mastectomy May Not Increase Life Expectancy After Breast Cancer

Women with early-stage breast cancer in one breast are increasingly opting for double mastectomies. But according to new research, having the healthy breast removed may be pointless, as it will not have an impact on their survival rate. » 10/08/13 10:40am 10/08/13 10:40am

Angelina's Cancer Gene Is Actually Patented by a Company

On Tuesday, Angelina Jolie wrote an emotional op-ed for The New York Times about her decision to have a preventive double mastectomy. Jolie’s decision came after she underwent genetic testing that indicated she was a carrier of certain genes that put her at a greater risk for developing aggressive breast cancer.… » 5/15/13 6:20pm 5/15/13 6:20pm

Women Are Being Scared Into Traumatic Breast Cancer Treatments They…

Despite its shiny pink public facade, breast cancer is an ugly disease that often leaves its victims disfigured. But at least women who undergo preventative double mastectomies, perhaps the most aggressive response to the disease, can rest assured that they've for sure prevented a recurrence of The Big C, right? RIGHT? » 11/28/12 10:50am 11/28/12 10:50am

Pageant Contestant to Have Double Mastectomy to Prevent Breast Cancer…

Miss America contestant Allyn Rose took one of those terrifying genetic tests and found out that she's got the same genetic mutation that may have led to her mother's fatal breast cancer. And instead of waiting for a diagnosis that she believes is inevitable, she's following in the footsteps of other women who have the … » 11/19/12 12:30pm 11/19/12 12:30pm

Facebook Not OK With Breast Cancer Survivor's Mastectomy Pictures

Yo, remember that time TIME had a boob on its cover (an appealing, attractive, child-rearing boob, natch) and it was as ubiquitous on Facebook as that "You've Been Hit By The __ Truck" thing on people's walls in 2007, and Forbes reported that Facebook was claiming some bullshitty loophole like it was OK because the kid… » 5/26/12 1:45pm 5/26/12 1:45pm

Geishas In Kyoto Sick Of Tourist Attention • Pakistan Launches…

• Kyoto's Tourism Bureau has asked Western tourists to please stop harassing the geishas. In recent years, tourists have begun to hound the young women, sometimes pulling their hair or breaking into their gardens. • » 4/07/09 5:30pm 4/07/09 5:30pm