Boston Woman Chases Man She Says Filmed Her: 'Oh, Does This Make You Uncomfortable?' 

This isn’t necessarily something you should try at home, but it is viscerally satisfying: a Boston woman chased down a man she says was filming her “crotch and backside,” as well as the private areas of other women and girls. She followed him down the street with her own cellphone aloft, yelling, “Oh, does this make… »10/30/15 1:45pm10/30/15 1:45pm


Woman Clears Medical Marijuana Use at New Job, Then Gets Fired Anyway

A Massachusetts woman who cleared her medical marijuana use with her new employer—and who was then subsequently fired on her first day of work, anyway, for having positive drug test results—has filed a discrimination complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in an attempt to get her job back. »5/25/15 6:00pm5/25/15 6:00pm

Bleeding Heart Dream Woman Elizabeth Warren Voted to Senate Leadership

Ever since she first rose to national prominence, all of my most tree huggingly liberal friends and family members have been positively giddy about the idea of a Democratic Party helmed by people who think and act like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a sharp and staunch advocate for the middle class. Well, as… »11/13/14 6:30pm11/13/14 6:30pm

Want to Have Sex While Divorcing? You May Need a Court Order in MA

Divorce can be hell. A relationship is ending, there's paperwork galore, and then you have to decide who gets what. And it gets exponentially harder if kids are involved. Well, someone's finally thinking of the children! Massachusetts State Senator Richard J. Ross has introduced a new bill that, if passed, will… »3/22/14 5:00pm3/22/14 5:00pm

Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling Ahead of Scott Brown and Can Hardly Stop Herself from Gloating

At least according to this gif Elizabeth Warren seems positively wracked with glee that she may very soon get to do victory donuts in front of Scott Brown's house with her Harley (I don't know if Elizabeth Warren rides a Harley, but if she did I can't imagine how else she'd use it). According to the Western New… »11/04/12 3:30pm11/04/12 3:30pm

Compassionate Mitt Romney Thinks Gay Parents Aren't Real Parents

You guys, I'm about to tell you something shocking that I doubt anyone saw coming: Mitt Romney — smiling, gazing longingly at people, wincing and blinking, skin tanned by the bright orange Jergens sun, hair shellacked to look like a baby Ronald Reagan, hugger of babies, loving America so much he lets it be the little… »10/26/12 2:00pm10/26/12 2:00pm

Elizabeth Warren Is Now Semi-Officially Winning the Massachusetts Senate Race

After a May poll had Scott Brown up two points over Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, the latest exercise in guesstimation has Warren leading Brown 43 percent to 38 percent. Although the Boston Globe poll notes that about 18 percent of the electorate remains undecided (and so the race is still pretty… »9/30/12 5:45pm9/30/12 5:45pm

Judge Approves First-Ever Sex Reassignment Surgery for Transgendered Inmate

A transgendered woman incarcerated in the Massachusetts state prison system has won the right to have the state pay for her sex reassignment surgery, after a US District Judge agreed that the surgery was "medically necessary." Naturally, this has led to people making A Big Thing about what "medically necessary" means,… »9/04/12 7:45pm9/04/12 7:45pm

Drunk Driver Gets Stuck in a Sand Trap After Her GPS Tells Her to Drive Onto a Golf Course

The dangers of driving drunk are well-known, but apparently technology has created a new one: overreliance on one's GPS. Earlier this week, a 47-year-old woman in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, got behind the wheel of her car after having a bit too much to drink, but instead of wreaking havoc on the road, she ended up… »6/20/12 11:15pm6/20/12 11:15pm