Top Easiest Ways to Emasculate a Dude (And Rule the World)

Based on all the dumb shit I've been told about how men allegedly are and women allegedly are, I've concluded the following: Being masculine is apparently just like being a proud lion, it is an intrinsically superior gift of strength and wisdom bestowed on men by the universe that women must stroke and honor (or else). … » 3/11/14 1:50pm 3/11/14 1:50pm

Looking to Emasculate a Man? Open His Door for Him!

Congratulations, womyn! We've finally found the key to destroying masculinity (THE GOAL, I say. THE GOAL, you echo) and it's so simple that I cannot believe we haven't of it before. Turns out that all you have to do to turn a man into a frantic, insecure mess is to hold the door open for him and allow him to walk in… » 2/24/14 6:40pm 2/24/14 6:40pm

Inside Figure Skating's 'Gay Problem'

The decision to roundly condemn Russia for its persecution of LGBT citizens seems a straightforward one, even when you bring the Sochi Olympics into it. That is, until someone points out that President Obama appointed Brian Boitano to his Sochi delegation, a figure skater who came out after Olympic career was over, and … » 1/31/14 4:30pm 1/31/14 4:30pm

Men Killed Masculinity All by Their Big Strong Selves

Much to the chagrin of a certain old-timey subset, traditional American masculinity is on its way out. Gone are days of the breadwinning hard hat wearers earning enough to support a wife that stays at home with 2.5 children; in 2014, the Haves wear bowties with short sleeved button down shirts and post pictures of… » 1/11/14 3:30pm 1/11/14 3:30pm

New Nail Salon for Men Is the Manliest Place on Earth

As everyone who has ever seen a television commercial knows, one does not simply use a gendered product that's been assigned to the other gender. One must wait until a marketing team devises a gender-appropriate version, and then rush out and throw money at it. This is why we have steak houses for women and why we have … » 10/25/13 2:20pm 10/25/13 2:20pm

Christian Grey: Uncomfortable Object of Female Gaze

The erotic-fiction-with-a-clearly-abusive-relationship-dynamic universe was recently rocked when Charlie Hunnam dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey, citing a busy schedule. It's fairly clear that he had an ulterior motive beyond time constraints — and, while it stands to reason that vitriolic and batshit 50 Shades fans … » 10/16/13 7:00pm 10/16/13 7:00pm

Let's Bro-ify ALL the Woman Products So Men Won't Feel Like Pussies

We've covered at length the ways in which traditionally "male" fields and products (like pens!) are targeted at women: we ladies, weeping flowers that we are, are often offered a sanitized, delicate — often pink — version of a traditionally male product. The reverse situation is just as telling: when traditionally "female" … » 7/25/13 11:10am 7/25/13 11:10am

Men Need Saving Too, Says Middle-Aged White Man

David Brooks, known recently for rewriting the work of one of his college students and expressing that in his humble opinion, the Egyptian people aren't ready for Democracy, has chosen to yet again comment on something that means nothing. His most recent column is devoted to The New Problem That Has No Name: the plight … » 7/16/13 3:45pm 7/16/13 3:45pm

New Documentary Explores the Pressures of Male Gender Stereotypes

The terrifyingly intelligent and beautiful Jennifer Siebel Newsom has launched a project (on Kickstarter, duh) to fund her documentary about the pressures of masculinity on boys today. The film, titled "The Mask You Live In," examines how societal standards of boys and men being emotionally unattached, among other "manly"… » 7/11/13 4:45pm 7/11/13 4:45pm

Noted Asshole Says Sandy Hook Massacre Wouldn't Have Happened If There…

Conservative commentator/demon lady Charlotte Allen is behind some of the biggest anti-feminist hits of the past decade: she's argued that sexy Halloween costumes justify rape, mocked transgender rights, and straight-up called women dumb. » 12/19/12 6:00pm 12/19/12 6:00pm

Get to Know Your Carhartt Boyfriend

The Fall 2012 Carhartt catalog — shot on location in Alaska — is filled with men. "Real" men. These are not models, posing in slim-cut suits, like you might see in J. Crew. They're men. Working outdoors. Doing things we think of as manly. » 12/07/12 5:30pm 12/07/12 5:30pm

Old Man Sad to Learn Old Men No Longer Automatically Get Laid

BREAKING! Cranky old man confronted by an idealized male physique in the form of Daniel Craig's James Bond, experiences hurt feelings over the fact that the universe doesn't revolve around his self esteem, writes whole big column about it. A waahmbulance has been called to the scene. » 11/27/12 3:50pm 11/27/12 3:50pm

Vintage Photos of Ordinary Guys Holding Hands Reveal How Much Has…

For American men in the 21st Century, entire swathes of the range of physical contact humans can enjoy are off limits thanks to social norms. Men just don't touch each other very much. Shaking hands is pro forma, hugging is borderline (its acceptability being largely dependent on one's generation), and for two straight … » 8/14/12 6:20pm 8/14/12 6:20pm

Meats Are for Boys, Veggies Are for Girls, Nonsense Is for Everyone

There may be lots of benefits to living as a vegetarian, but apparently looking like a man (whatever that means) is not one of them. A new study found that people associate meat with manliness. The researchers did a number of experiments that explored people's metaphors about food, and they found the people rated meat… » 5/17/12 3:30pm 5/17/12 3:30pm

Men's Television Protects Itself From The Female Threat

In theory, it's a good fall season for ladies on television — there are a considerable crop of new shows that are centered on women. The shows may not be good but at least they exist, we guess (must! stay! optimistic!). However, television's latest offerings haven't completely forgotten about the menfolk, and the fall… » 9/20/11 1:50pm 9/20/11 1:50pm