Things Reign Taught Me About Mary Queen of Scots

Last night, the CW premiered Reign, which — originally titled Gossip Girl: Old Timey France — follows a teenage Mary Queen of Scots as she is moved from a quiet convent in the country and thrown into the sexy and devious world of 16th century French court. » 10/18/13 6:45pm 10/18/13 6:45pm

CW Turns Mary Queen of Scots' Blood-Soaked Story into Sexy Teen Drama

Mary, Queen of Scots — also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I Of Scotland — was executed at the age of 25 44, but before that, she was queen regnant of Scotland and then queen consort of France. Now she's being brought back to life in Reign, a new series on the CW, home of Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diares. » 5/16/13 3:15pm 5/16/13 3:15pm

Heads Will Roll: Teen Mary Queen of Scots Is Headed for the CW

The CW — home of Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries — is moving forward on a project about Mary Queen of Scots titled Reign. The show has been described as a "fantastical reimagining" of Mary's teenage years. » 10/24/12 7:15pm 10/24/12 7:15pm

How Should Harper's Bazaar Style Susan Boyle?

Everyone's favorite dream-dreamin' Scotswoman, Susan Boyle, has reportedly landed a spread in September's Harper's Bazaar. And we've got a few ideas for their art directors... » 7/21/09 4:00pm 7/21/09 4:00pm