The Great Julie Andrews Is Writing Another Memoir

A few years ago, Julie Andrews released Home, a memoir of her early years; now she's set to write another, covering—yes—the years she played Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp. » 3/25/15 11:40am 3/25/15 11:40am

Is Allison Williams Gunning to Play Mary Poppins?

Not satisfied with ruining just one of our childhood memories, Allison Williams seems to be intent upon ruining yet another: she dropped some hints in a new interview, suggesting that she wants to play Mary Poppins in some inevitable remake of that classic film. » 2/11/15 2:45pm 2/11/15 2:45pm

Watching Emma Thompson Dance Might Change Your Life

There's a Daily Mail headline floating around right now that reads "Emma Thompson twerks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," but don't be alarmed! The Daily Mail is just entirely off its twerk rocker and is apparently referring to every time a human moves their body to music as "twerk." » 12/13/13 2:20pm 12/13/13 2:20pm

The Author of Mary Poppins Wasn't So Great with Kids

Pegged to the new Disney movie Saving Mr. Banks starring Emma Thompson, the Daily Mail has decided to crush the imaginations of children and adults everywhere by publishing an exposé about the life of the woman who wrote Mary Poppins, Pamela Lyndon Travers’. Guess what? She was (wait for it) no Mary Poppins. » 10/30/13 5:00pm 10/30/13 5:00pm

I Can't Stop Listening to This Weirdly Wonderful Mary Poppins Remix

This track by Pogo isn't really a remix. It's a completely new song, but its sonic building blocks are samples from Disney's Mary Poppins. It's oddly joyful, weirdly familiar and takes you on a whimsical little journey. I don't know why I've been listening to it on repeat but I know I does what I likes and I likes… » 7/30/13 6:10pm 7/30/13 6:10pm

Mary Poppins Was All About Rocking the Vote

That's Mrs. Winifred Banks, the woman who abandons her kids with Mary Poppins so she can flip her husband the bird and get out there and ROCK THE VOTE. » 11/06/12 11:00am 11/06/12 11:00am

London Olympics Opening Ceremony to Feature Long-Awaited Battle Between…

When the Olympic flame finally reaches its 17-day home in London's Stratford district, it will be greeted by enough pomp and circumstance to permanently overstimulate even the most bizarre Olympics mascots. According to reports from people who have seen Opening Ceremony rehearsals, Friday night's spectacle will… » 7/24/12 5:40pm 7/24/12 5:40pm