I Can't Stop Listening to This Weirdly Wonderful Mary Poppins Remix

This track by Pogo isn't really a remix. It's a completely new song, but its sonic building blocks are samples from Disney's Mary Poppins. It's oddly joyful, weirdly familiar and takes you on a whimsical little journey. I don't know why I've been listening to it on repeat but I know I does what I likes and I likes… »7/30/13 6:10pm7/30/13 6:10pm

London Olympics Opening Ceremony to Feature Long-Awaited Battle Between Mary Poppins and Voldemort

When the Olympic flame finally reaches its 17-day home in London's Stratford district, it will be greeted by enough pomp and circumstance to permanently overstimulate even the most bizarre Olympics mascots. According to reports from people who have seen Opening Ceremony rehearsals, Friday night's spectacle will… »7/24/12 5:40pm7/24/12 5:40pm