A Chat with Chipo Chung, AD: The Bible Continues' Mary Magdalene

Obviously, I have razzed AD: SECOND HELPINGS OF BIBLE quite a bit. But if there’s one thing that’s worth highlighting about show, it’s the diverse cast. Hollywood’s still churning out absurd whitewashed spectacles like Exodus: Gods and Men, and yet AD, a network television miniseries, managed to assemble a more… »5/05/15 12:00pm5/05/15 12:00pm


Jesus Waits 2,000 Years to Casually Mention He's Married

So you met this really nice guy, and it's been going great. You talk all the time, he really seems to "get" you, you've let him into your heart, you've been getting into some pretty kinky shit (not to go all TMI, but there's some cannibal roleplaying involved). And then, yesterday, out of nowhere he just sort of… »9/19/12 11:20am9/19/12 11:20am