Mary Kay Letourneau Will Share What Makes Her Marriage 'Work' 

Mary Kay Letourneau—perhaps America’s most famous convicted statutory rapist—plans to mark the tenth anniversary of her marriage to Vili Fualaau (yes, her former student) with a sit-down interview with Barbara Walters. Brace for another round of really fucking weird and uncomfortable coverage of this case. »4/08/15 1:15pm4/08/15 1:15pm

Wife Swap: Adorable, Sarcastic "Screamo" Teen Makes Us Feel All Mary Kay Letourneau-y

A common theme on Wife Swap is that one family places an emphasis on traditional gender roles, while another family has a more unconventional approach as to the expected behavior of males and females. On last night's episode, teenage C.J. is a fan of "screamo" (I guess it's like emo but with screaming instead of… »3/20/08 2:30pm3/20/08 2:30pm