Where Are the Women in Country Music? Watching, Waiting and Ready

It’s 85 degrees out as dusk lowers itself onto downtown Nashville. A breeze slowly wends its way through the crowd, roaming around the hordes of young women in short-shorts, every article of clothing possible covered in fringe, perfectly curled hair rolling down their backs, blindingly white grins open wide as they… »6/29/15 11:10am6/29/15 11:10am


Country Music Dude: In Radio, Female Performers Are Basically Garnishes

Country Aircheck Weekly is a trade publication devoted to country radio news, not exactly a popular read for most households. But their latest issue has drawn the attention of star Martina McBride because of an interview with music consultant Keith Hill, who said if country music is a salad, men are the lettuce and… »5/28/15 12:45pm5/28/15 12:45pm

A Moment of Appreciation for the Glorious Country Fashions of the '90s

On Wednesday night, I had a grand old time watching the CMA Awards, inexplicable Ariana Grande appearance and all. But around the time Loretta Lynn showed up wearing ten tons of sequins and they ran that supercut of classic Vince Gill moments, I began to long for the fabulous country music fashions of the 1990s. »11/06/14 3:50pm11/06/14 3:50pm