Charlie Brown Is Finally Exposed for Being a Rat Bastard

You've probably seen or heard tell of or seen on television excruciating Christmas pageants. You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown, however, will definitely change the pageant game forever because it includes drug use, swearing, and gritty, adult themes, like Martin Short doing an eerie Larry David-as-Linus impression… »12/16/12 3:00pm12/16/12 3:00pm

The Time Jerry Bruckheimer Made January Jones Do an Awkward Table Dance to 'Kiss' by Prince

"It was one of the worst moments in my entire life," Jones says. "It was an audition for Coyote Ugly, my second audition ever." The anecdote comes courtesy of Hollywood Reporter which convened a beautiful white women roundtable so that Emmy Rossum, January Jones, Claire Danes, Mireille Enos, Julianna Margulies, and … »5/31/12 8:30pm5/31/12 8:30pm

Kathie Lee Gifford Asks Widower Martin Short How His Wife Is Doing

Comedian and class act Martin Short was with his wife Nancy Dolman for 36 years before she passed away from ovarian cancer in 2010. Unfortunately, not a single researcher informed Kathie Lee of Dolman's death, leading to a heartbreakingly awkward situation on this morning's Today Show where the actor was appearing… »5/30/12 6:20pm5/30/12 6:20pm

Martin Short Makes Fake TMZ Video Of Faux Paparazzi Rage

Martin Short sat down with David Letterman last night, and got all worked up over the "constant attention" he receives from the paparazzi. He complained of being "attacked," said he'd finally lost it on one photographer, and that a clip of the incident had made it to TMZ. He was kidding, of course, but his fake rage… »2/14/08 4:40pm2/14/08 4:40pm