Clinton and O'Malley Denounce Brutal Video of Student Arrest at Spring Valley High School

A video of a female student being violently thrown to the ground and arrested by a sheriff’s deputy at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina is quickly becoming a campaign issue. Both Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley’s campaigns are calling the arrest unacceptable, with O’Malley reacting to it with… »10/27/15 9:48am10/27/15 9:48am


Guitar-Toting Dad Martin O'Malley Probably Should Not Have Sung Bad Blood On TV

Tuesday morning, presidential candidate and Ken doll Martin O’Malley appeared on The View to promote his new album, Live From 1600 Penn. On the show, O’Malley explained that since Katy Perry was planning on stopping by an Iowa rally for one of his unnamed competitors this weekend, he felt it was necessary to respond… »10/20/15 1:45pm10/20/15 1:45pm

Hit Me Baby, One (Thousand) More Time(s): Join Jezebel As We Liveblog the First Democratic Debate 

As this election season continues to ebb away our will to live, it’s only fair that the Democratic Party gets in on the action. Tonight at 8:30 EST on CNN they will do that. Live from Las Vegas, it’s the least sexy thing that’s ever happened in Las Vegas. »10/13/15 4:55pm10/13/15 4:55pm

A Field Guide to the Non-Hillary Clintons At Tonight's Democratic Debate

Around 8:30 tonight, a group of concerned white senior citizens will alight delicately on an overlarge stage in Las Vegas and make a case for why they should be allowed to roost in the White House. The following is a field guide to help the amateur naturalist politics-watcher identify the non-Hillary Clintons you… »10/13/15 2:00pm10/13/15 2:00pm

Badass Maryland Governor Politely Tells Mitt Romney To STFU

Today, Mitt Romney is Romneying all over Maryland, probably doing awkward things like complimenting people on their oversized lava lamps, saying "y'all" and "cheesy grits," and suggesting that poor people should pay more for basic health care so that rich people can enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed yachts. But… »3/21/12 6:45pm3/21/12 6:45pm