Celebrate Black History Month With Rare Photos of Lena Horne and Martin Luther King Jr.

February 1 marks the first day of Black History Month, when black culture gets a celebratory spotlight for 28 days... unless you’re like me and celebrate black brilliance every day. At the New York Times, a collection of previously unpublished shots of black stars, and their stories, are up for viewing.


You Only Get One Shot at Life, So Definitely Tweet About How MLK Would Say 'All Lives Matter'

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! This is a wonderful occasion to reflect on the subversive legacy of a man who gave his life to bend the arc of the moral universe faster; it is a day of service, and there’s no public service quite like showing your ass. To wit, here’s Joe Walsh—failed Illinois politician and former…

Rosa Parks Was More Than Just an 'Old Lady' Who Began the Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1 marks the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ radical move of refusing to move from her seat on an Alabama bus, inciting the 13-month Montgomery bus boycott led by Martin Luther King Jr. Parks is often characterized in history books as a quiet “old” seamstress, but she was an activist long before she was…