Fox News Saves White People at the Selma 50th Anniversary

Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of Selma's "Bloody Sunday" where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights activists like Rep. John Lewis marched over the town's bridge and were beaten by authorities. Fox News could've just acknowledge their sacrifices but, as The Daily Show reports, they found a way to… » 3/10/15 12:00pm 3/10/15 12:00pm

Solange Honors Martin Luther King With Adorable and Poignant Video 

Solange, who continues to be the dopest mom on the planet, posted a video of her ten-year-old son Juelz reciting a Martin Luther King Jr quote, and the result is both poignant and adorable. » 1/19/15 2:15pm 1/19/15 2:15pm

First Black Sororities Tell Members Not to Wear Logos While Protesting

Amid nationwide protests against police brutality and the failed indictments of Officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, the oldest black sororities Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta are instructing their members not to wear their Greek letters while marching. The directive is pissing off some members and… » 12/09/14 1:15pm 12/09/14 1:15pm

Fraternity Suspended After Throwing MLK Day Party with Watermelon Cups

Here we go again. Tau Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity at Arizona State University was suspended this week after throwing (and I can't believe I'm actually writing this) a particularly offensive Martin Luther King, Jr. Day party, in which participants dressed in basketball jerseys, flashed gang signs and drank from… » 1/21/14 9:00am 1/21/14 9:00am

SPYONVegas Wants You To Get Your Mad Freak On In Las Vegas For MLK Day

Do you have a dream that one day you will be able to party at the open champagne bar at Ghostbar in Las Vegas? Then great news—SPYONVegas has you covered! » 1/20/14 8:30pm 1/20/14 8:30pm

Glenn Beck Seriously Compared Paula Deen to Martin Luther King Jr.

Chances are you've been plagued with a feeling that you forgot something ever since last week (check your bag: wallet, phone, keys — they're all there), but let me put your mind at ease. You haven't forgotten anything at all. What it is that's missing from your life — what it is that's missing from all of our lives,… » 6/27/13 4:45pm 6/27/13 4:45pm

Your Evening Cry: How We Wish History Had Gone Down

If you're ready to cry into your evening bowl of ice cream bon bons, grab all the Kleenex ever made, and get into this Anti-Defamation League video. It imagines a world that still has Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Matthew Shepard, and many other wonderful souls because it's a world without hate crimes. I'm… » 3/21/13 10:15pm 3/21/13 10:15pm

Happy MLK Day: Your Friendly Reminder Martin Luther King Loved Planned…

The right loves to try to co-opt Martin Luther King Jr. and portray Planned Parenthood as racist. But an inconvenient fact is that MLK and Planned Parenthood had an excellent relationship. He would, no doubt, be horrified by the modern day attacks on contraception. » 1/21/13 11:40am 1/21/13 11:40am

Meet the Christian, Formerly Anti-Abortion Doctor Who Now Performs…

Dr. Willie J. Parker has been an outspoken advocate for access to abortion services and is also an abortion provider himself in Washington, DC. In fact, he's one of the few doctors in the country who will perform late-term abortions. He is also one of many people who is opposed to Congress's awful plan to ban… » 5/29/12 6:15pm 5/29/12 6:15pm

No, Fox News, Martin Luther King Jr Wasn't Anti-Abortion

Fox News is commemorating this Martin Luther King, Jr day by inviting his niece, Dr. Alveda King, to come and speak about his legacy. He was a conservative, she explained, who hated abortion. Except that isn't even close to true, not even the tiniest bit. Leave it to Fox News to wrap a crap sandwich in a lie and call… » 1/16/12 6:45pm 1/16/12 6:45pm

MLK Flip-Flopper John McCain Gets Booed In Memphis