Rush Limbaugh Pretty Sure NASA Is Just 'Muslim Outreach' Now, Thanks Obama 

Earlier this week, wheezing reddened pile of bagpipes Rush Limbaugh objected to the news that there’s liquid water on Mars—it’s more like a “sneaky leftist agenda” on Mars to get people to care about climate change, he argued, for some reason. On Tuesday, he went ahead and brought Muslims into it, too. Why not. »9/30/15 7:00pm9/30/15 7:00pm


Water On Mars? More Like Sneaky 'Leftist Agenda,' Argues Rush Limbaugh

You may have heard the news today that NASA discovered flowing water on the surface of Mars. Fascinating discovery, right? Not according to conservative talk show host and delusional pork dumpling Rush Limbaugh. As far as he’s concerned, this announcement is but a mere portion of the larger “leftist agenda.” »9/28/15 9:15pm9/28/15 9:15pm

MRAs Flood Occidental College's Rape Reporting Form With False Claims

In response to a federal Title IX lawsuit filed in April, Occidental College settled with several students and made a public commitment to making "Occidental a national leader in dealing with sexual misconduct." Victim advocates on campus created an online anonymous reporting system, through which students could… »12/18/13 5:15pm12/18/13 5:15pm


Earlier this morning the Curiosity Rover tweeted a photo of a penis it had drawn on the surface of Mars with the caption, "FUCKING BORED." A NASA official has explained that they believe this is a new attempt by the rover to provoke Martian life into revealing themselves by angering them. Curiosity is reportedly… »4/24/13 12:05pm4/24/13 12:05pm

Finally! The Daily Mail Has Written the Ultimate Hilarious Daily Mail Article

As always, the Daily Mail has their razor-sharp journalistic scope trained on the real issues that keep 21st-century human beings awake at night, and they've provided an extensive communiqué regarding the #1 Most Important and Totally Legit Thing that People Should Definitely Bother Worrying About Posthaste. That… »3/14/13 7:10pm3/14/13 7:10pm

One Lucky Couple Might Get the Chance to Take a Nightmarish Trip to Mars

This is what happens when we start relying on the private sector for all of our space exploration — rich people do all kinds of crazy shit. Currently, thanks to an investment by NASA engineer-turned-multimillionaire Dennis Tito, engineers are currently in the process of constructing a spaceship that will take one… »2/28/13 11:15am2/28/13 11:15am