Texas Pastor Pleads Guilty to Yelling Anti-Gay Nonsense at Supreme Court 

A self-described pastor who tried to drown out President Obama’s second inauguration with shouting has pleaded guilty to trying to drown out the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling with shouting. He faces up to one year in prison. That will probably not deter him from future shouting. »9/29/15 9:31am9/29/15 9:31am


I Talked to the People Who Compare Gay Marriage to Bestiality on Twitter

A slippery slope is an inviting prospect: as seductive, oily and simple as the logic that drives it. If we even begin to slither down this road, goes the argument, how could we ever dig ourselves to a standstill before the bottom? How can we condemn sex with a dead pig, they ask, when sex between two men is now legal?
»9/22/15 1:10pm9/22/15 1:10pm

Kim Davis's Kentucky Is for Lovers: I Got Gay Married in Morehead 

Less than a mile from the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk’s office, where Kim Davis had made her last stand against gay marriage, my partner and I picked out wedding cupcakes at Artsy Tartsy, a bakery that also happens to sell home decor and children’s dresses. On the table in front of us, still in its protective brown… »9/16/15 11:20am9/16/15 11:20am

Jesus Christ, Kim: Kim Davis Asks Appeals Court to Halt Marriage Order 

Disquieted by the idea that gay people might experience any momentary happiness in her vicinity, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is still doing her best to shit in everyone’s marital punchbowl. Her attorneys asked an appeals court Friday to halt an order that would require her office to give licenses to all eligible… »9/11/15 5:40pm9/11/15 5:40pm

Is Lena Dunham Getting Married In Solidarity With Gay People?

Lena Dunham made a promise that she would not get hitched until marriage equality was achieved in the US. And after today’s historic Supreme Court decision allowing that gay marriage is protected by the constitution, Dunham posted a total People mag-baiting Tweet at her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff: »6/26/15 6:50pm6/26/15 6:50pm

Sad Brand Tweets You Would Have Seen If Gay Marriage Had Lost

Same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States, and brands have been losing their minds. Their excitement—much of which has been flooding my Twitter timeline all day—is more than understandable, but it really makes you wonder what the internet would have looked like had the Supreme Court decided against marriage… »6/26/15 5:20pm6/26/15 5:20pm

Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, We're Gonna Need Some Gay Romcoms

OK. Take a breath, everyone. I know that excitement over the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling is going to make it difficult to focus on anything else today/this weekend, but we really have to start considering the implications of this news. It’s wonderful that marriage equality is now a real thing in the… »6/26/15 12:30pm6/26/15 12:30pm

Why Are Marriage Rights Expanding While Reproductive Rights Contract?

Jill Lepore, ranked #1 in the United States for building arguments so clear as to require no scaffolding whatsoever, wrote a masterful piece in the New Yorker this week about the Supreme Court cases that have shaped the course of reproductive and marriage freedom in America—one path continually embattled and at best… »5/20/15 12:50pm5/20/15 12:50pm

Jessica Williams & The Daily Show Commemorate the 'Hate Class of 2015'

While the Supreme Court is currently considering the question of marriage equality, the wider cultural consensus has shifted so much on the matter in recent years that this feels like a last stand for opponents of same-sex marriage. And so, Jessica Williams and The Daily Show took a few minutes to bid farewell to the… »5/05/15 9:50am5/05/15 9:50am

Texas Just Had Its First Legal Gay Wedding, State Still Throwing Tantrum

A legal shot across the bow or a crack in the dam, no matter how you want to describe it in metaphor, the legal marriage of two women in Austin, Texas continues to show that state same-sex marriage bans are just as likely to be ended in "death by a thousand cuts" as they are by one major Supreme Court ruling. »2/19/15 10:50pm2/19/15 10:50pm

Republicans Quietly Tap Lobbyists for Shift on Marriage Equality

While no progressive could be blamed for thinking that the Grand Old Party is far from changing its tune on gay rights issues, apparently it's happening. While marriage equality has gained traction amongst the majority of Americans, Republicans are quietly turning to K Street lobbying firms to help them shift their… »7/31/14 11:04pm7/31/14 11:04pm