Incurable Gonorrhea Will Save the Institution of Marriage

You can't open an internet browser these days without hitting a loud opinion about how the decline of marriage — or, for less ambitious traditionalists, monogamy — is tearing society apart. Everything from hormonal contraception to gays have been blamed for the falling marriage rate in the US, and marriage proponents… » 3/12/14 9:30pm 3/12/14 9:30pm

Princeton Mom Dating 'Sexy' Men and Having the Time of Her Life, OK?

Everyone's favorite old-timey date rape denier Susan Patton — affectionately known to some as "Princeton Mom" — is not done sharing her thoughts with the world. She has a lot of them, after all. » 3/12/14 6:00pm 3/12/14 6:00pm

Attention, Strumpets: 'Shacking Up' Might Actually Lower Divorce Risk

Conservative grandmothers across this great nation of ours love to warn their female progeny that if they give "the milk" away "for free," then no one will want to "buy the cow." Often concurrent with this adage is the belief that a solid bloc of statistics show that premarital cohabitation — or "shacking up" or "playing house"… » 3/11/14 7:00pm 3/11/14 7:00pm

'Princeton Mom' Is Just Being Honest and Doesn't Believe in Date Rape

Marry Smart, the retrograde pile of garbage that the 'Princeton Mom' has sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard and called a book, drops today. That means Susan Patton is currently making the media rounds, questioning the notion of date rape and insisting that she is "not a provocative person." » 3/11/14 12:30pm 3/11/14 12:30pm

Five Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

No matter how in tune you are with your partner, misunderstandings and communication gaffes are always possible. Here are five of the most common, yet avoidable communication mistakes that could harm a relationship. » 3/04/14 10:57pm 3/04/14 10:57pm

Woman Needs Your Help to Take Bicycle On Lavish Honeymoon

These are hard times we're living in: rents are up, wages are down, and we're doing all of our clothes shopping at Walgreens—two sweatshirts for $10, you can't beat that. Some people can't even afford to take their bike on a honeymoon. That's why Lisa Nelson of Pacifica, Ca has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the … » 2/27/14 11:00pm 2/27/14 11:00pm

The Truth About How Much a Happy Couple Should Have Sex

Which comes first, the happiness or the sex? One half of a couple told me a curious thing recently: In couples counseling, they'd been advised to have sex twice a week to foster intimacy while working on the relationship. I wondered not just about the merits of setting a minimal number, but also: Why twice? Twice is… » 2/27/14 6:15pm 2/27/14 6:15pm

Eight ​Reasons Why the Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be a Thing

I've never understood why men don't wear an engagement ring. Actually, scratch that: I understand why they didn't wear them in the past, when marriage was but the economic chess move of a lady, any lady from her Father to Some Other Dude. But Things Have Changed ™ so it's high time the lady-only engagement ring goes… » 2/20/14 12:35pm 2/20/14 12:35pm

How to Have a Twitter Meltdown on Gay Marriage

You may have heard that yesterday the Indiana State Senate decided not to consider a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In this day and age, you might think of this as a victory, but not Indiana State Senator Mike Delph. He just had an epic, but predictable Twitter meltdown over the decision. After the jump … » 2/14/14 5:30pm 2/14/14 5:30pm

What if Equality Is the Biggest Bonerkiller of All?

What if you found out that too much respect was hurting your orgasms? Being regarded as an equal in a marriage is great and everything, but would you give it all up if only it meant your partner still wanted to bang you? Or that you still wanted to bang him/her? Because marriages may be more equal than ever, but the… » 2/09/14 3:00pm 2/09/14 3:00pm

Ladies Aren't the Ones Letting Themselves Go After Marriage

Ah, marriage: the ceremonial letting out of ye old gut once you've locked it down something permanent. According to the popular lore, studies and jokes, it is us gals who do the biggest pile-on post-nuptials, before kids, after kids, just thinking about having kids, and sometimes literally as we stride out the aisle,… » 1/31/14 5:00pm 1/31/14 5:00pm