The Knot's Street Campaign Is a Cute Celebration of Terrible Marriages

Spotted today in Washington Square Park: Evidence of The Knot's New York street campaign, featuring sweet quotes meticulously presented with adorable fonts in Pantone-approved colors. Never mind that this particular piece of marketing is located where there are likely few people planning weddings—let's talk about who,… » 3/03/15 3:00pm 3/03/15 3:00pm

Christian Grey Is Not Real

We are just a week away from the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film and I really think we all need to take a solid two minutes to remind ourselves that Christian Grey is not, in fact, a real man. » 2/05/15 8:00pm 2/05/15 8:00pm

Chris Pratt's Take on the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Is Very Chris Pratt

By now you've probably seen pretty much everyone everywhere take the Ice Bucket Challenge. But none of them can possibly compare to what Chris Pratt did when he was challenged. » 8/17/14 10:30pm 8/17/14 10:30pm

Axe Body Spray Gives Up on Sex, Because, Let's Get Real

Axe™ is a brand of male perfume named after the tool with which most women would like to strike the young men who adorn themselves with Axe™. FYI, gentlemen, Axe™ is now about more than not getting laid. » 8/12/14 12:27pm 8/12/14 12:27pm

Here's What Would Happen If More Women Designed/Marketed Lady Products

Most ads for products are cheesy, ridiculous, or insulting as it is. But products specifically targeting women are often uniquely terrible, and this may ring true, in part, because those products are often designed or marketed entirely by men. But how can that still be the case? » 7/24/14 11:20am 7/24/14 11:20am

Velveeta's Social Media Accounts Are So Amazingly Weird

Shutterfly Thinks You Just Had A Baby

Photo storage and repurposing site Shutterfly is in a bit of hot water with customers today, after sending an email to many female users congratulating them on the "amazing" accomplishment of "bringing a new life into the world" and dishing out etiquette tips about when it's appropriate to send Thank You cards to… » 5/14/14 12:15pm 5/14/14 12:15pm

This Adorably Squee Super Bowl Commercial Was Voted The Best of 2014

With everything said and done from last night's Super Bowl, we still have one crucial thing to discuss—which commercial was the big winner? » 2/03/14 8:30pm 2/03/14 8:30pm

JC Penney's Drunk Super Bowl Tweet Stunt Was All About 'Narrative'

Last night, JC Penney confounded everyone who follows mid-priced retailers online with a series of tweets that seemed like they were coming from a rambling drunk person. But just like The Village, there's a terrible, totally predictable plot twist that will make you roll your eyes and wish you gone for a nice walk… » 2/03/14 9:40am 2/03/14 9:40am

Your Guide to Mindfulness, the Next Hot Luxury Marketing Trend

I'm of two minds about mindfulness. Sure, it's a great concept: Stop and smell the genetically modified blue roses every now and again, disconnect, focus on the moment and transcend the frenetic pace of existence. And yet, the idea of mindful living as THE hot marketing trend of 2014 threatens to take a perfectly nice… » 1/16/14 4:30pm 1/16/14 4:30pm

Avoiding Designing Stereotypical Women's Tech Products

ArsTechnica writer Casey Johnson this weekend documents some of the silliness, and actual harm, that occurs in the tech world when it comes to designing products for women, and how product designers can avoid it:
» 12/23/13 8:59pm 12/23/13 8:59pm

Bacon Declares Feelings for Egg in Love Actually-Style Gif

It's official: Love Actually is everywhere. Even on the Denny's Tumblr. Yes, Denny's has a Tumblr. That's the provenance of this gif, in which a strip of bacon professes its love for an egg. » 12/23/13 4:50pm 12/23/13 4:50pm

Airline Plays Santa; I Sob With the Joy of Christmas Spirit

I know this is a cheesy marketing move meant to capitalize on my uterus (where I store my emotions! and candy! and seven remaining eggs!), but I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. » 12/15/13 10:32pm 12/15/13 10:32pm

Red Stripe Criticized for Marketing Gross Soda Beer to Underage Girls

Red Stripe, that oddly-bottled Jamaican beer your annoying hipster friend is more likely to order after everyone else has ordered some banal domestic brew, has gotten into trouble over its marketing strategy for the cloying new beverage Red Stripe Burst, a raspberry-flavored illness inducer the company is pitching to… » 11/10/13 12:30pm 11/10/13 12:30pm

GoDaddy Ads Should Be Less Gross From Now On

GoDaddy, that website hosting company that has a stronger brand association with "trying-too-hard 'sExY' Super Bowl ads" than with, uh, actual website hosting, has announced plans to tone it down. Let's all pour one out for the boobies commercials we'll never know. » 11/01/13 6:40pm 11/01/13 6:40pm

Juicy Couture Ads to Appear in Snapchat's Tweenage Wasteland

If you're ready for the brand new age of advertising, it's happening now: Saturday, Juicy Couture — the brand that is neither juicy nor couture — will start an advertising/marketing/something campaign on Snapchat, the app considered to be a teen selfie haven. » 10/31/13 3:30pm 10/31/13 3:30pm

Here's Virgin America's Surprisingly Fun Safety Video

Virgin America has managed to do the impossible: make it look, for a few minutes, that commercial flights are funky experiences for skinny tie-wearing stylish people having a great time instead of bleak desperate slogs between city outskirts punctuated by elbow fights with surprisingly aggressive Bible-reading… » 10/30/13 11:00am 10/30/13 11:00am

Evil Marketing Study Pinpoints When Women Feel the Ugliest

A new study commissioned by media planning agency PHD has revealed the dates, times and occasions at which U.S. women feel "most vulnerable about their appearance." This is very useful information, says PHD, because it will allow marketers to pinpoint the exact right moments to target female consumers: "Happy… » 10/02/13 5:30pm 10/02/13 5:30pm