Robert Pattinson Eats Ice Cream on The Daily Show, Jokes About His Spanx

All those Antique Roadshow marathons seem to have poured some glitter gas back into Robert Pattinson's PR sparkle tank and gotten him through two major New York appearances. First, Rob visited Jon Stewart, who played a spirited round of Very Concerned Camp Counselor on the Daily Show. ("What are we doing here? Are you… »8/14/12 9:00am8/14/12 9:00am

Priscilla Chan Eschews Overpriced Footwear and Dresses Up as Legumes

Who is Priscilla Chan, other than married to Mark Zuckerberg and casually not interested in a New York Times interview? She's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, at least, she is if you're trying to figure out where she pops up in The Social Network, which is where I've acquired all of my deepest insight… »5/27/12 3:00pm5/27/12 3:00pm

The Insane Facebook Song You Didn't Know You Needed But Cannot Live Without

You almost certainly use Facebook, and maybe you would even say out loud to another person, "I love Facebook." But you probably wouldn't ever write and record a song about how glorious the site in honor of its IPO... Well, you'll be very glad these people did, because the result is AMAZING. It's like "We Are the… »5/20/12 8:55pm5/20/12 8:55pm

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Are Hollywood’s Newest Cop BFFs

While you were waiting for Riggs and Murtaugh to have a fifth go of it in a glorious bid to remind everyone that Mel Gibson can't be a vitriolic bigot because his longtime cop buddy is a black guy, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy handcuffed themselves together for what sounds like a hilarious romp through the… »5/20/12 11:00am5/20/12 11:00am

Your Facebook Addiction May Really Be an Addiction

It's hard to believe, but there was a time, less than a decade ago, when Facebook didn't even exist. There was no way to immediately tell everyone you've ever met that you just ate some delicious ribs or that your kid is finally used the big girl potty. (Finally! We all breathed such a sigh of relief on that one.) But… »5/08/12 10:50am5/08/12 10:50am

Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Is A Woman, Has A Business

Today's New York Times profile of Randi Zukerberg — 29-year-old older sister of Mark, the founder of Facebook — is a little odd. It appears to be about Ms. Zuckerberg starting a new business venture, R to Z Media. But this business profile is in the Fashion & Style section. Also, this business article begins with a… »10/20/11 11:30am10/20/11 11:30am