With Spotlight, Tom McCarthy Has Made a Triumph About a Tragedy

Mark Ruffalo does a lot of running in Spotlight. His character, Mike Rezendes, is the kind of whippersnapper of a journalist you used to see in movies about journalists back when people made more movies about journalists, and the story he’s working on often requires him to get from point A (usually the courthouse) to… »11/13/15 11:55am11/13/15 11:55am


Mark Ruffalo Would Like Hillary Clinton to Be More Like Bernie Sanders 

In the lead-up to the presidential primaries, Senator and crotchety-old-man-who-should-be-president-but-won’t Bernie Sanders is making a surprisingly strong showing in some very early polls against Hillary Clinton. But in the very likely—you know, certain—event that Clinton is the Democratic nominee, actor Mark… »6/17/15 5:45pm6/17/15 5:45pm

Remember When Emma Stone Sang "Bitch" on a Partridge Family Reality Show?

The 20 stars nominated for Academy Awards this year represent some of the most talented (or, anyway, famous) actors on screen today. At one point, however, they were slack-jawed, blank-eyed, no-name novices. They’d probably like to forget their often humiliating early work, but thanks to the magic of technology, they… »2/19/15 12:15pm2/19/15 12:15pm

Here's a Trailer for a Movie About Sex Addicts With Gwyneth and Pink

How we managed to miss the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow had shot a movie with a cast like Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad and PINK aka Alecia Moore, it may never be clear. But that wrong has been righted because here is the trailer for Thanks For Sharing, a movie that looks like it could actually treat sex addiction »6/26/13 3:45pm6/26/13 3:45pm

Celebrity Super Friends Tweet Reactions to Protests in Turkey

The rapid transformation of Occupy Gezi from a amiable-enough effort to protect what little green space remains in European Istanbul to a violent clash between protesters and Turkish police has attracted the attention celebrities like sign-maker Tilda Swinton, concerned father figure Mark Ruffalo, and even vampire… »6/02/13 11:30am6/02/13 11:30am

The Gorgeous Dresses and Hot Messes of the Oscars Red Carpet

Last night at the 85th annual Academy Awards, for the most part, the look on the red carpet was classic Hollywood glamour. Like rare birds during mating season, A-listers tried to outshine each other, and some of the bright plumage and peacockery on display was truly stunning. Alas, there were a few sartorial missteps… »2/25/13 11:20am2/25/13 11:20am

Amanda Bynes Stupidly Decides to Drive Drunk and Run Into a Cop Car

We haven't heard much from Amanda Bynes lately, but early this morning she crashed back into the news by getting busted for a DUI. Bynes, who's looking fairly composed in her mugshot and seems to be sporting the pale pink dye job that's all the rage right now, was arrested in West Hollywood after she did the dumbest… »4/06/12 8:00pm4/06/12 8:00pm