Gabby Giffords' Husband Rescues Baby Sea Lion, Is the Cory Booker of the West

Okay. So it's official. Former astronaut Mark Kelly—husband of gun control advocate and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—is literally the Cory Booker of outer space. He was caught on video Saturday wresting a defenseless baby sea lion (I don't know if you've seen enough pictures of a baby sea lion, but… »3/26/13 2:20pm3/26/13 2:20pm


Gabby Giffords 'Celebrates' the Two Year Anniversary of Her Shooting By Launching a Gun Control PAC

Today marks the second anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona shooting that killed six people and left former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head. Is it the time to talk politics? Giffords certainly thinks so: today she and her husband, Mark Kelly, launched a… »1/08/13 11:10am1/08/13 11:10am

Gabby Gifford's Husband Stares Down Her Shooter: 'Gabby and I Are Done Thinking About You'

It was an emotional day in court yesterday when former Arizona congresswoman/all-round BAMF Gabrielle Giffords came face-to-face with Jared Loughner, the attacker who shot her and 18 others in Tucson during January of 2011. She was one of several victims to appear in court and deliver a victim's impact statement, but… »11/09/12 10:55am11/09/12 10:55am

Gabby Gifford’s Adorable Husband to Write Even More Adorable Children’s Book

Gah. Just when you thought Gabrielle Giffords' loving husband Mark Kelly couldn't be any more perfect—he is an astronaut for Christ's sake—he goes and ups the ante. It's just been announced that he is writing a kids book about a mouse who goes up into space. Commence "aww-ing" sequence now. »2/20/12 9:45pm2/20/12 9:45pm

Giffords Will Return To Arizona For Anniversary Vigil

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is still undergoing physical and speech therapy in Houston, but on Sunday she'll return to Arizona to participate in events marking the one year anniversary of the shooting that left her wounded and six people dead. Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, plans to speak during a vigil at the University… »1/05/12 10:40am1/05/12 10:40am

Gabrielle Giffords Was Trying To Get Pregnant Before She Was Shot

In his new memoir, Mark Kelly, the astronaut husband (a phrase that never gets old!) of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, tells the very personal story of Gabby's recovery after being shot in the head in January. Among the many frank details the book reveals, there is one that stands out and makes the whole incident… »11/06/11 3:05pm11/06/11 3:05pm

Gabrielle Giffords Was All Smiles At Husband's Retirement Ceremony

In a rare public appearance yesterday, Representative Gabrielle Giffords attended at an event to mark her husband Mark Kelly's retirement from the Navy. She appeared to be even stronger than when she was last in Washington in August. At one point during the ceremony, she was able to pin a medal on Kelly's jacket,… »10/07/11 12:00pm10/07/11 12:00pm