Saturday Night Social: Snoop Dogg Has His Own Line of Weed Products 

Weed lovers, rejoice. Snoop Dogg has finally launched his own line of weed products called Leafs by Snoop. Along with 8 different strains of flower, there’s an edibles section called “Dogg Treats,” because, well, of course there is! It has gummies, fruit chews, peanut butter gems and fancy-looking artisan chocolate.… »11/14/15 7:00pm11/14/15 7:00pm


Rand Paul Calls Out Jeb Bush, Former Rich-Kid Weed Smoker, for Marijuana Hypocrisy

On Thursday, Rand Paul discussed his stance on weed, also known as the one position on which he isn’t totally bananas. In a talk, Paul called out Jeb Bush for flagrant rich-kid hypocrisy: namely, the former Florida governor’s admission that he had smoked marijuana while a student at Phillips Academy is exactly why… »9/18/15 12:14pm9/18/15 12:14pm

Reports on Sandra Bland's Posthumous THC Levels Riddled With Bad Science

There is something very off about a recent story circulated by the Associated Press on Sandra Bland’s toxicology report, which was released on Monday. It was mostly republished by right-of-center publications like the New York Post and Fox News, with little interest from the mainstream media—presumably because the… »7/29/15 10:00am7/29/15 10:00am

“Hilary Dulany, director of operations for Lansing, Michigan-based AccuVape, sells slim personal vap

“Hilary Dulany, director of operations for Lansing, Michigan-based AccuVape, sells slim personal vaporizers, promising ‘stiletto stoners a new option.’ She said she realized when she entered the industry in 2008—after Michigan voters legalized medical marijuana—that women’s needs weren’t being met.” Female… »7/19/15 1:10pm7/19/15 1:10pm

Washington Gets $70M from Legal Weed Tax Revenue During First Year

Washington state launched its legal marijuana market around this time in 2014, and in this past year, weed sales reached $250 million with about $62 million of it constituting excise taxes. Once you include the states local sales and other taxes, the total revenue for the year for both state and local governments… »7/05/15 5:30pm7/05/15 5:30pm

DEA Fears Bunnies May Get High as Balls off Medical Marijuana in Utah

The Utah State Senate is considering a bill that would make it legal for people with "chronic and debilitating diseases" to consume edible medical marijuana. But no one has paused to consider the effect that will have on the woodland creatures of Utah; a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration warned… »3/02/15 6:30pm3/02/15 6:30pm

Finally, an Explanation for Why You Eat Like a Monster When High

The last time I was high I had a panic attack. But I got over that panic attack with an industrial-size bag of Bugles, a gallon of ice cream and a triple dose of benzos. Science has already explained why benzos help, but now we know a little more about why you get so goddamn hungry when you're faded as hell. »2/20/15 12:00pm2/20/15 12:00pm

Nancy Grace Freaks Out on Pot Advocate: 'Obviously You're Stoned'

Telegenic white women don't disappear mysteriously or get indicted for gruesome murders every day, and Nancy Grace needs something to talk about when she can't scrape up a Casey Anthony. It seems she's decided to wage war on that devil weed mary jane, which is ironic, because no one needs pot more than Nancy Grace. »1/28/15 9:50am1/28/15 9:50am