Bizarre Campaign Targets "Overeducated Women," Marie Curie

The above poster appeared at the University of Waterloo last month, plastered over the faces of female student government candidates. The text reads, "The brightest woman this Earth ever created was Marie Curie, The mother of the nuclear bomb. You tell me if the plan of women leading men is still a good idea !" This… »3/08/11 5:28pm3/08/11 5:28pm

Government Officials: Should Title IX Apply To Science Departments?

If you're familiar with Title IX, you probably just think of it as the law forbidding gender discrimination in college and high school sports. But in actuality, the law forbids gender discrimination in all forms of education, and there's a growing call to apply Title IX to science departments receiving federal grants.… »7/15/08 9:30am7/15/08 9:30am