Senator Bob Casey Crowns Barack Obama Savior Of Pennsylvania Fetuses!

Some days I love Pennsylvania. Like: I love how the Victorian liquor laws actually mean good wine is cheaper there. I love how they still have a mob. I love how no one in Pennsylvania would tell you that being a state senator is no big whup. I love how I would regularly bite into a Tastykake from the office vending… »3/28/08 10:00am3/28/08 10:00am

Pat Buchanan Thinks You Should Be More Thankful For Slavery, Barry Obama

Pat Buchanan is entreating the black people of America to be more grateful to America bringing them here in "slave ships." I mean, they got welfare and methadone maintenance and forced Christianity and eventually the right to consider themselves fully human! Where is the gratitude, black people? And no, that is not my… »3/24/08 10:00am3/24/08 10:00am

Erin Burnett Teaches Us To Use Terrible World Events To Our Advantage: An Inspiring Story Of A Blogger And Her Collection Agent

CNBC's Money Honey 2.0 Erin Burnett is profiled in today's Washington Post. Fittingly, we read the story while waiting on hold with one of the lawyers hired by one of our loan shark creditors and pondering whether it would be worth the $20,000 signing bonus to just go to Iraq right now and post between car bombings… »8/27/07 12:30pm8/27/07 12:30pm

Can You Be Both Smart And Hot? Maria Bartiromo Makes The Case For "No"

Few types of women inspire as much antipathy — from jealous haters like us, anyway — as the insanely hot woman who is also being marketed to us as "smart." I am talking about Padma Lakshmi and Scarlett Johansson, and today more specifically CNBC "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo, who has endured much hateration since she… »7/31/07 12:45pm7/31/07 12:45pm

Finance Roundup: It's A Lot Easier To Be Thin When You Are Rich: Our Personal Finance Roundup

Skip lunch, read these articles and kill two birds! As we went to press it was a kinda-whatever day in the markets, allegedly on bad home sales data — no surprise to all you readers whose minds are so deadened and perfume-addled from the April glossy gluttony that you shirked your womanly duties to read The Economist »3/26/07 3:17pm3/26/07 3:17pm