Watch Rita Ora Rub Up Against Chris Brown, the Union Jack in 'Body On Me'

“Body On Me,” Rita Ora and Chris Brown’s ode to non-penetrative sex, has a video. This is good for Rita Ora and Chris Brown, as I (and presumably many others) had missed the song until now. It is, however, quite bad for me (and presumably many others) because the video is a wholly unsexy and grimy little thing that… »8/18/15 3:40pm8/18/15 3:40pm

Film About Gay/Miner Allies Against UK's Thatcher Looks Delightful

A British movie called "Pride" has won an award at Cannes Film Festival for best film depicting LGBT characters. The movie is about an unlikely alliance between miners threatened by Margret Thatcher's redundancy plans and Britain's LGBT community threatened by the PM's socially conservative agenda. »5/25/14 2:47pm5/25/14 2:47pm

Does Michele Bachmann's New Ad Reveal That She's Actually A Terminator?

Iowa's endlessly-discussed caucus is tomorrow, and as part of Michele Bachmann's extremely uphill battle to win it, she's airing a brand new ad on local TV. The ad, which is only 30 seconds long, at first appears to be just another standard-issue spot laced with half-truths and bland music. Then at the :04 mark, a… »1/02/12 2:00pm1/02/12 2:00pm

Trailer For Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher Film Is Surprisingly Danceable

While many Americans don't find fairly recent British prime ministers all that fascinating, according to the full UK trailer, The Iron Lady is going to be a hilarious conservative romp set to "Our House." However, there's also plenty here for the brains among us. Judging from the second half of the trailer, this is… »11/14/11 9:06pm11/14/11 9:06pm

Terry Richardson Shoots Georgia May Jagger Fighting Hordes Of British Youths

Who says the fashion industry isn't responsive to the social issues of the day? As the U.K. suffers with widespread civil unrest and looting following the police shooting of a father of four, Harper's Bazaar's September issue includes a Terry Richardson editorial where Georgia May Jagger, styled to look like someone's… »8/10/11 1:15pm8/10/11 1:15pm

Meryl Streep Nails Margaret Thatcher In Iron Lady Teaser Trailer

In this glimpse of The Iron Lady — directed by Phyllida Lloyd — we see two men attempting to coach the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep. While Streep is only on screen for mere seconds, it's obvious that once again, she's completely transformed and disappeared into her… »7/07/11 10:28am7/07/11 10:28am