The Real Problem With a Story Like ‘Sex on Campus’ Is About Sources

New York Times reporter Kate Taylor's piece "Sex on Campus: She Can Play That Game, Too" caused quite a hubbub at this site and many others – so much so that the author is now doing the media circuit, arguing that she's "surprised" by the negative reaction to a story that we've seen time and time and time again. » 7/16/13 6:45pm 7/16/13 6:45pm

NYT Writer Explains Crappy Rocket Scientist Obit

When New York Times staff writer Douglas Martin opened his obituary for brilliant rocket scientist Yvonne Brill, he chose to do so thusly: » 4/03/13 9:40am 4/03/13 9:40am

New York Times's New Lady Public Editor Slams Writer for Being Sexist

Mega-successful author Jennifer Weiner, a fervent supporter of women writers, has taken the New York Times to task for favoring male authors on a number of occasions. Now — finally — she has an ally at the paper: awesome new public editor Margaret Sullivan, who risked what we're sure is some internal backlash from… » 10/11/12 10:45am 10/11/12 10:45am

This Is How You Acknowledge the Fact That You're a Woman in Power

It's not hard to see why Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times' new Public Editor, reportedly beat out 15 different finalists to land the powerful position. » 7/19/12 4:30pm 7/19/12 4:30pm