Ex-Gay Pride Cancelled Because ‘Anti-Ex-Gay Extremism’

The "ex-gay" movement has been going through a rough patch. After its celebrity figurehead Marcus Bachmann was revealed to be using Christian ex-gay therapy tactics, with Medicaid funding no less, one its biggest groups, Exodus International, renounced its anti-gay mission and methods in a shocking change of heart.… » 7/16/13 10:30pm 7/16/13 10:30pm

Michele Bachmann Renounces Swiss Citizenship Because She Loves America…

Faced with a growing avalanche of criticism over her divided national loyalty, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann now says she'll renounce her Swiss citizenship so that she can focus 100% of her attention on making America terrible. » 5/10/12 6:45pm 5/10/12 6:45pm

Congrats, Europe: Michele Bachmann Is Officially Your Problem, Too

There is exactly one thing Michele Bachmann is an expert in, and that is keeping things interesting. To that end, it was announced yesterday that she has recently become a citizen of Switzerland. Whaaa? Why would Congresswoman Bachmann want to forsake her beloved America that she loves precisely because it is filled… » 5/09/12 10:00am 5/09/12 10:00am

Michele Bachmann Had No Idea She Was Meeting the 'Dangerous Radical'…

Longtime activist and Occupy Wall Street participant Anne Nolan is the sort of woman that gives Michele Bachmann hives. Pro-Wall Street Reform, pro-universal health care, pro-mandatory 3 weeks' vacation for all American workers, and, most Bachmann dystopian of all— she didn't take her husband's name when they married.… » 3/16/12 6:00pm 3/16/12 6:00pm

Marcus Bachmann Already Making Catty Comments About First Lady

Marcus Bachmann, who we know and love as Nonpresident Michele Bachmann's better half, has thrown down the gauntlet in a flame war with the First Lady. Oh, it is on like the deleted fascinator showdown scene from Paris is Burning. » 12/16/11 6:20pm 12/16/11 6:20pm

Marcus Bachmann Threatens to Straight Up Sue Gay Rights Activist

Fancy dancing wannabe First Husband Marcus Bachmann is none too pleased with one activist's attempt to expose his kooky gay curing therapies. He's threatening to sue him for an unpaid $150 therapy bill. » 11/17/11 2:55pm 11/17/11 2:55pm

Bachmann Refuses To Discuss That Thing She's Always Talking About

Michele Bachmann explained yesterday that it's really none of our business if her family is running Christian counseling clinics that may or may not be using taxpayer fund to "cure" people of their gayness. And it's pretty sexist of you to ask! » 7/29/11 10:55am 7/29/11 10:55am

Marcus Bachmann Will Only Fix Your Gayness If You Ask Nicely

Here's Marcus Bachmann's defense of his clinic's habit of trying to "cure" gays: Only if they ask for it! Also, he claims, dubiously, that the audio of him calling gays barbarians was "doctored." » 7/15/11 1:13pm 7/15/11 1:13pm

Jon Stewart Says What You've Been Thinking About Marcus Bachmann

Ever since we found out about Marcus Bachmann's attempts to cure the gays, there's been a certain... subtext. But as much as Mr. Bachmann's setting off everyone's gaydar is a tempting target for hypocrisy call-outs, what self-respecting progressive is going to make fun of effeminacy? » 7/14/11 11:37am 7/14/11 11:37am

Bachmann Not Pro-Slave Family, Still Pro-Curing Gays

The Iowa far-right group whose pledge essentially expressed nostalgia for the slave family is withdrawing that portion of the pledge, saying, "It was not meant to be racist or anything." (Really.) Michele Bachmann, who signed it, is claiming she wasn't endorsing that "preamble" in a four-page document. Meanwhile, an… » 7/11/11 10:30am 7/11/11 10:30am

Michele Bachmann, Submissive Wife

Michele Bachmann has jumped 14 points in the polls in New Hampshire, and she's long been a threat to Mitt Romney in Iowa. All the more reason to review her wonderful positions on the gays and the ladies. » 7/06/11 6:30pm 7/06/11 6:30pm

Things Just Keep Getting Better For Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is having an awfully good day. She reportedly just signed a deal to write a memoir/campaign book, and a new Rasmussen poll shows her in second place after Mitt Romney among likely Republican primary voters. » 6/16/11 7:00pm 6/16/11 7:00pm