March Madness Sweet 16: You People Are Monsters 

Sports: holy shit, right? But the on-court drama of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments couldn't possibly match the onscreen drama of this made up tournament between the forces of the internet and the forces of reality, this clash between what is social and what is antisocial. What will prevail? It's up… »3/24/15 4:30pm3/24/15 4:30pm

March Madness Drugs vs. Alcohol Ends With Caffeine vs. Bubbly

It all comes down to this. Drugs vs. Alcohol. Caffeine vs. Champagne. Whereas all men must die, one March Madness competitor can live forever as the God of Inebriation. Your vote decides which will be remembered (and forgotten) as the substance that tried and failed and which will achieve immortality in our hearts and… »3/28/14 5:15pm3/28/14 5:15pm

March Madness Final Four: Weed, Caffeine, Champers and Vodka

Booze hounds and dope fiends, we have arrived at the March Madness: Drugs vs. Alcohol Final Four and soon — within mere days — this violent, furious competition will come to a close with only one winner. Looks like we've come to the eeeeeend of the roooooad and still I can't let these drugs and alcohols go. »3/27/14 6:00pm3/27/14 6:00pm

Your Morning Cry: Meet March Madness Star 8-Year-Old Lacey Holsworth

They’re unlikely friends, but Michigan State hoop star Adreian Payne and eight-year-old Lacey Holsworth are the cutest thing you’ll see today. During a charitable hospital visit two years ago with his college basketball team, Payne met the little girl who is fighting nerve cancer and was struck by her optimism… »3/27/14 10:40am3/27/14 10:40am