Chelsea Clinton's Marriage Is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

Following an onslaught of stories about the possible decay of Chelsea Clinton's marriage to Marc Mezvinsky, the two have been spotted out and about on the town in the last two weeks. Even if these appearances had been planned way in advance, it still looked like spin control. Not that attending events as a couple… » 2/18/11 3:50pm 2/18/11 3:50pm

People Overanalyze The Return Of Chelsea's Husband

Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky were spotted hanging out in NYC this weekend in what was either "a calculated campaign to knock down swirling rumors of a troubled marriage" or, y'know, just a trip to New York. » 2/08/11 4:15pm 2/08/11 4:15pm

Chelsea/Marc vs. Bristol/Levi: Whose Kids Will Fare Better?

Who would you bet is more likely to graduate from college? The yet-to-be born children of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky or Tripp Palin, the child already born to Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, who became pregnant at 17? » 8/11/10 3:24pm 8/11/10 3:24pm

For Real, This Time

Chelsea Clinton is officially engaged to longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky, the pair revealed via email. "We didn't get married this past summer despite the stories to the contrary, but we are looking toward next summer," they wrote. Mazel Tov! [ABC] » 11/30/09 10:20am 11/30/09 10:20am