Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima Are Engaged

Jennifer Lopez may be reveling in her singularity right now, but it looks like her ex-husband and father of her Twinz is going in the exact opposite direction, into the arms of another. According to US Weekly, Marc Anthony is ready to embark on his third marriage, this go-round to his "on-again, off-again" Venezuelan… »11/05/14 10:00pm11/05/14 10:00pm

Jennifer Lopez Still Finds Marc Antony 'Sexy,' Her Mother Disagrees

Jennifer Lopez dropped by The Wendy Williams Show — with her mother Guadalupe — and dished on her life, love and her "small" but sexy ex-husband Marc Anthony. Williams has long said that she hopes the divorced couple will reunite despite their split four years ago, but the funny part is J.Lo's mother's reaction to… »6/19/14 5:40pm6/19/14 5:40pm

Nicki Minaj Says She's Never Had Work Done On Her Face, Doesn't Mention Ass

Nicki Minaj went on Extra to promote her MAC makeup collaboration VIVA Glam, and said that she's never had surgery on her face. "When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I'm doing to my skin, but it's makeup." However, Minaj does not mention whether she had any work done below the neck, most… »2/28/13 9:00am2/28/13 9:00am

Royal Couple William and Kate Are Mavericks, Change Christmas Forever

Man, my Windsor-swoony eighth-grade self would be thrilled that Prince William is kind of turning out to be an awesome husband. Rather than spending Christmas in the Palace as per royal custom, Wills and K8 Middleton are breaking with royal tradition and spending Christmas at her family's house in the… »12/23/12 11:30am12/23/12 11:30am

Jay and Bey Have Some Eleventh-Hour Obama Endorsements For You

Vote today, you guys! Vote! OK? Even if you're just a sycophant with no political leanings, vote because your favorite celebrities want you to. As Jay-Z substituted "Mitt" for "bitch" onstage during "99 Problems" at an Ohio rally for President Obama, Beyonce was at home writing a very nice letter to our president:… »11/06/12 9:00am11/06/12 9:00am

One Direction Nearly Had a Boy Band Rumble with The Wanted

Didn't you always wonder what would happen when rival boy bands crossed paths, imagining that if, say, ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys accidentally booked the same recording studio at the same time, they'd engage in a melodious, well-choreographed dance fight straight out of West Side Story? According to TMZ, we all… »4/14/12 11:00am4/14/12 11:00am

'Formerly Fat' Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Regret Calling Out Xtina's Weight Gain

Explaining how vicious jibes about her size when she was younger led to a poor body image, Kelly Osbourne says she refers to herself as an FFP – or former fat person – and will never feel "skinny" no matter how many pounds she loses. "I grew up on the road with my father... but I came from a very small village, where… »4/12/12 9:00am4/12/12 9:00am

The Year Love Died: 2011’s Most Crushing Celebrity Break-Ups

When it comes to love, 2011 has had a few ups: Jennifer Aniston finally found someone who can fill the Brad-Pitt-shaped hole in her heart, and Kate Middleton and Prince William won our hearts with their intimate little wedding. (Don't forget how he drove her around in that convertible afterwards. It doesn't get more… »12/30/11 11:10am12/30/11 11:10am

Control-Freak Marc Warns JLo Not To Let Booty Calls Near The Kids

With a pair like this it was bound to happen eventually. Though Jennifer Lopez seems to be getting what's hers since the split — with a steady stream of gentlemen callers caught leaving her place in the morning hours — it's the big guns that apparently have Marc Anthony in a lather. Even though he's been hanging out… »11/08/11 9:00am11/08/11 9:00am

Real Housewives of New York Axes Four Cast Members

Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimmon, Alex McCord, and Cindy Barshop have been cut from season 5 of RHONY. What are they supposed to do now? Just freelance their Realness? Non-FDA approved prescription drug trials? Be professionally Not Employed but act as consultants? Maybe they could form a staffing firm called Deloitte &… »9/18/11 11:00am9/18/11 11:00am

This Week In Tabloids: Jada Cheated On Will Smith With Marc Anthony

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we boldly go through the pages of In Touch, Star, OK!, Life & Style, and Us, as part of our continuing mission to seek out actual gossip. This week, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock decide to get married even though they aren't actually dating, twins have taken up… »8/24/11 3:50pm8/24/11 3:50pm

"Pre-Engaged" Jennifer Aniston House Hunting With New Beau

The price of Jennifer Aniston loneliness futures skyrocketed today on the news that the Wonderbread of acting was house shopping with beau Justin Theroux. If this were any other human, one would assume that this is a good sign for her, being in love and getting serious, but since it's Jen, and she's Perpetually Jilted… »7/20/11 8:00pm7/20/11 8:00pm

This Week In Tabloids: Jealousy, Flight Attendant, Model Trains Came Between JLo & Marc

Welcome back to Midweek Madness. Every Wednesday, we board the gossip express, speeding through space and time as we read Ok!, In Touch, Life & Style, Us and Star. This week we learned that Kate Middleton's slender frame has forced Kim Kardashian to go on a crash diet for her wedding day; the lady from The Bachelorette »7/20/11 2:18pm7/20/11 2:18pm

JLo Broke Up With Marc Anthony Hours Before Schmoozing with Will and Kate

By now, unless you've been living under a rock or too busy caring about things that are actually relevant to your life, you know that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting opposite-married ("divorced") after spending the last seven years in a state of wedded something or other. But it's just been revealed that… »7/17/11 11:00am7/17/11 11:00am