Couple Compromises on Their Wedding, Gets Married During Chicago Marathon

Stephanie Reinhart wanted to get married at City Hall. Her partner, Mark Jockel, wanted a huge wedding with all their friends and family there. So the couple compromised: they invited all their friends and family to their wedding, but they didn’t get married in a lavish ceremony. Instead, the couple got hitched at… »10/12/15 2:40pm10/12/15 2:40pm


A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

The first time I wondered if I was possibly doing something wrong was when, while watching TV, I absently reached down to the second toe on my right foot and realized that my entire toenail had detached itself and was hanging on by the thinnest of cuticles, like a dingy white flag. I pulled it off painlessly and… »10/09/15 1:10pm10/09/15 1:10pm

City Urges Hurricane Victims to Get Over It Because We've Got A Marathon to Host

The New York City Marathon is the largest in the world. This year, 47,000 people registered for the race. But, snag: Hurricane Sandy rolled into town, wreaking havoc, killing dozens, knocking out power, and pushing entire neighborhoods out of their homes. And rather than cancel the race and divert resources to… »11/01/12 4:01pm11/01/12 4:01pm

Let's Celebrate the World's Athletes with an Olympic Gif Party

The London Olympics are wrapping up on Sunday, after 16 days of competition, crying during national anthems, and ill-conceived grill flashing. Let's relive some of the game's most memorable moments with the artistic medium du jour, the gif. »8/10/12 5:10pm8/10/12 5:10pm

On July 27th — we were all so innocent then — the XXX Olympiad kicked off…

Guor Marial Is the Running Man Without a Country and That’s Kind of Badass

South Sudanese refugee Guor Marial got some news a little more than a week ago that only a gifted athlete with the will to compete would think is awesome — the International Olympic Committee would let him run 26.2 miles as an independent participant under the Olympic flag. That's, you know, cool if you like to run,… »8/03/12 4:10pm8/03/12 4:10pm

Couple Gets Married While Running The New York City Marathon

For most people, finishing a marathon is accomplishment enough, but for one couple running today's New York City Marathon, the bigger deal was getting married while on the move. Mary and Raymond Donaldson tied the knot at mile 22 and then went on to finish the race—or should we call it the Marry-thon. The fact that… »11/06/11 6:35pm11/06/11 6:35pm