Oscar Pistorius to Be Released From Prison After Serving Ten Whole Months

Oscar Pistorius, the runner convicted of shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013, is set to be released from prison Friday after serving ten months of a five year sentence. He will serve a portion of the rest of his sentence on house arrest, wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet. » 8/17/15 3:45pm 8/17/15 3:45pm

Woman Accidentally Kills Her Husband During Stupid Drunken Gunplay

You guys, guns — and we really can’t stress this enough — are incredibly dangerous. They’re made specifically for blasting giant holes in living things, and they do it with a frequency that should alarm just about anyone who’s ever watched Predator and thought, “Holy shit — Jesse Ventura just tore up part of a… » 4/29/13 10:25am 4/29/13 10:25am