Woman Accidentally Kills Her Husband During Stupid Drunken Gunplay

You guys, guns — and we really can’t stress this enough — are incredibly dangerous. They’re made specifically for blasting giant holes in living things, and they do it with a frequency that should alarm just about anyone who’s ever watched Predator and thought, “Holy shit — Jesse Ventura just tore up part of a… » 4/29/13 10:25am 4/29/13 10:25am

Woman Arrested For Fatal Dick Injection

A New Jersey woman has been charged with manslaughter after giving a man a fatal penis injection, demonstrating yet again that you should not let people inject silicone into your nether regions. » 12/12/11 10:10am 12/12/11 10:10am

Phony Liposuction Doctor Convicted Of Two Murders And Manslaughter

According to The Arizona Republic, a "certified internist" who "never served residencies in plastic surgery or anesthesiology" was convicted of second-degree murder in two deaths and manslaughter in another after three of his patients died. » 7/18/11 9:10pm 7/18/11 9:10pm

Porn Star Dies After Sixth Boob Job

German porn star Carolin Berger was only 23 when she died during a breast augmentation operation earlier this month. Based on news reports, she sought out so many surgeries to stay on the media's radar screen. Doesn't seem worth it. » 1/22/11 1:10pm 1/22/11 1:10pm

Horrible Person Sues Parents After Running Over Kid

A Connecticut man got ten years in prison for running over and killing a fourteen-year-old boy. Now he's suing the parents because the kid wasn't wearing a helmet. » 11/15/10 7:15pm 11/15/10 7:15pm