This Burned Paper Manicure Is Perfect for Banned Books Week

My partner and I got into a car accident in December (not our fault! The other driver was wearing new shoes and somehow got them stuck on the brake) (I don't drive so I have no idea how that happens) and aside from the panic attack I had when we were struck and the burrito I ate afterwards, the only thing I remember… »3/29/14 12:49pm3/29/14 12:49pm

Headed for a Gel Manicure? Don't Forget Your Special Little Gloves.

This morning on Today, dermatologist Susan Taylor said that she is "very concerned" about the UV light used during gel manicures. Her recommendation? White cotton gloves. "Clip the tips off," Dr. Taylor explained, "and then put them on before you put your hands under the light." How about no? Not going to happen.… »3/07/13 10:50am3/07/13 10:50am