How to Master Manic Pixie Dream Dating in 5 Easy Steps

These days, more and more people are turning to online dating as a way to find love. What a beautiful thing — entire social networks devoted to giving you the opportunity to connect and interact with people of varying interests who you'd never meet in real life! But there is a downside to all this — there are entire… »8/28/13 4:35pm8/28/13 4:35pm


Whither the Manic Pixie Dream Guy?

It happened to one of us, ladies. Let's let her tell it: "A handsome man with tousled hair and an aversion to commitment showed up at my door, suitcase in hand, seeking shelter from the storm. (Okay, he'd called beforehand, but still.) We had a two-day romance — he played music, I wore a dress, we talked for hours.… »5/03/12 1:40pm5/03/12 1:40pm

This Week Gloria F*cking Steinem Pwned Manic Pixie Dream Girls